Countdown to lacrosse: Ashlin Dolan

Jan. 25, 2014

Ashlin Dolan
Sophomore, Midfield, 5-8
Morristown, N.J.

In 13 days, the Vanderbilt lacrosse team begins the 2014 season on Feb. 7 at Kennesaw State. To get ready for the 19th season in program history, will spotlight all 29 players and coaches Cathy Swezey, Susan Ellis and Julie Gardner. This segment will offer an inside look into the team on and off the field.

Today, sophomore midfielder Ashlin Dolan, who wears jersey No. 13, continues our countdown. The Morristown, N.J., native scored five goals on just 10 shots while playing in 15 games and making five starts. She is the latest to play lacrosse collegiately. Her dad played at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania. Her mother was a two-time All-American at Gettysburg College. Her sister, Larkin, is a junior at Drew University in New Jersey.

Age I picked up a lacrosse stick: Probably two years old

I picked my jersey number because: I was born on Friday, the 13th. So 13 has always been a lucky number for me.

When I was a kid I tried to be like: My mom... and Britney Spears

A few words that describe the way I play lacrosse: Powerful, agile and fast

What I need to improve on to be a better player: My defense and my mental game

The thing that impresses me most about Coach Swezey: Coach Swezey is so competitive--maybe even more competitive than some of us and she's not even the one out on the field playing. Her competitive drive inspires us to compete with our opponents and ourselves. She also does a phenomenal job recruiting. Its clear that she understands the importance of team chemistry and we always seem to get the girls whose personalities fit perfectly with the rest of our team.

Favorite part about playing at Vanderbilt: Getting to spend time with my best friends everyday out at practice/ being part of an extremely tight knit team

Favorite sport other than lacrosse: Field hockey... or just running

Favorite musical performer: Beyoncé

Favorite movie: I have a whole ranked list, but probably Fight Club

Nobody can believe I watch this TV show: Alias

Favorite midnight snack: Haagen-Dazs ice cream

Favorite thing about myself: I always see the good in people

Worst habit: Mooching - stealing people's food.

Dream Date: April 25: It's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.

The best tasting food I can make: Microwaved cookie dough... and omelettes I guess

My bucket list includes: Run a marathon, save a life, learn to play the guitar

Favorite athlete to watch in another sport: Any Olympic gymnast

Talent I'd most like to have: having the voice of Christina Aguilera/ singing in general

Favorite thing to do away from lacrosse: Paint

I'm as good as anyone at: Climbing things

One thing my hometown is famous for: Seeing-eye dogs

My best non-athletic talent: Painting/drawing

Superstitions: I was born on Friday the 13th and things have gone great for me so far so I'm not a very superstitious person, but I have been weird about wearing the same pair of socks to practice everyday recently.

The person I'd love to trade places with for a day: Beyoncé... because who doesn't want to be Beyoncé?

What I would do if I won the lottery: Travel the world, buy myself a house in my favorite place, put a ton of it and savings and not touch it, and donate the rest

Ultimate vacation destination: Santorini, Greece

The person I admire most: My mom

Career goal: I've always thought working for a fashion magazine as a layout editor would be amazing. Making money through art is definitely a dream of mine, although not as realistic.

The best advice I've received: Never let anyone tell you how good you are, you tell yourself and let that tell them - my assistant coach in high school, Jamie Hagerman. Just have fun - My mom

Biggest influence in my life: My mom

Most important thing I've learned since coming to Vanderbilt: You can't control the uncontrollables, you can only control the way you respond to the uncontrollables. Hhaving a positive outlook makes all the difference in the world.

My advice to young people is: You are what you believe you are, and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.



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