Angela's Angle, Jan. 17

Jan. 17, 2011

Angela's Angle Archive

Another hectic week! We had two road games that were unusually close together and also our classes started. You would think I would be used to the student-athlete schedule by now, but sometimes it still jumps out at you. We ended the week 1-1 with a tough loss in front of a sold out crowd in Knoxville.

However, there is one positive to come out of that disappointing loss. Jence Rhoads scored her 1000th point on Saturday. Just like Hannah, I can't think of someone more deserving. She is such a hard worker and has followed that philosophy her entire career as a Commodore. Even more than that she is a great person. I am very lucky to have met and befriended both Hannah and Jence. So once again, congrats Jence, on such a stellar accomplishment. I'm so proud of you.

I also was able to see some of my old coaches from my hometown, which is only about 20 minutes from Knoxville. It was so nice for them to be there and show their support for our team and me. Each of them continues to be such a huge influence on where I am today. I know for a fact without them I would have never worn a Georgia or Vanderbilt uniform. I will never be able to thank them enough for the advice and support they have given me. So for those of you who came (you know who you are) thank you so much.

Another special thanks goes to Pat Webb. Although a Lady Vol season ticket holder, she managed to sneak in a sign for Vandy. She gave me the sign, which means more than anything. Her only child, Travis, played baseball for my dad at William Blount High School. Tragically, he died at the age of 20 while in military training a few months ago. Her thinking of me puts lots of things in perspective.

We have a big week in the SEC coming up. We are at home against Arkansas on Thursday so everyone come out and show your support. Go 'Dores!



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