Quick Slant: Hall of Fame nominations

Jan. 4, 2013

Quick Slant is an array of brief insights and occasionally opinionated overviews of collegiate athletics in general and the Vanderbilt Commodores in particular.

We are once again accepting nominations for our Athletic Hall of Fame. If you want your favorite Commodore to be considered, check out the 40 individuals already inducted and the criteria and process to make a nomination before March 15. The Class of 2013 will be announced sometime in early summer with Hall of Fame Weekend coming for our Austin Peay football game in early August.

Hard for me to believe it was 20 years ago that I had the pleasure of working with our Final Four women’s basketball team, which was No. 1 in the nation for six weeks. Misty Lamb, Shelly Jarrard, Heidi Gillingham, Rhonda Blades, Julie Powell, Ginger Jared, Mara Cunningham, Renee Allen, Lesley Smith, Lisa King, Sheri Sam…I was so wrapped up in the 30-3 season that I would dream about it. We are going to honor the team with a reunion Feb. 3 (Ole Miss home game), a special event that we are all anticipating. More information will come closer to the big event.

Congratulations to Kevin Stallings, who has now coached the Commodores to 182 wins in Memorial Gymnasium, one more than Hall of Famer Roy Skinner.

James Franklin suggests those wanting to “help” consider doing three things 1) buy 2013 season tickets, 2) encourage others to do the same and 3) join the GridIron Club (a specific fund aiding Commodore football). Actually, every varsity program we sponsor has a specific fund designed to supplement the team budget under the umbrella of the National Commodore Club. And, by the way, it seems very realistic to think that we will have another huge spike in football season tickets.



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