Get to know Gaston Miller

Aug. 15, 2008

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Gaston Miller
Redshirt sophomore
No. 27
5-7/180 lbs.
Murfreesboro, Tenn. (Riverdale High School)
Major: undeclared

Miller on football:

What's your favorite thing about playing tailback?

Just knowing that it's a very important position on the team, because you have a chance on each and every play to impact what goes on, like carrying the ball. You have the chance to make a big play, make a couple people miss, run through a couple of people. As far as blocking, if I can pick up a blitzer I know it can give the quarterback more time to make a play and throw the ball. Just lead blocking, stop blocking, anything, I know that on every play I can potentially become a factor in how big the play is.

What's it like working with first-year VU coach Des Kitchings?

Coach Kitchings is a younger guy, so he's played football before. I like the fact that he understands us a bit better. Being younger he lets us use our instincts, of course we must play our techniques, but he allows us to go off of instincts more. He tells us to cut it loose and just have fun.

What do you bring to the field/your best asset?

I think my biggest asset would be my quickness and explosion. I like to think that if there's a hole for even just a split second I like to think that I can get to it and maybe even through it. As far as picking up blocks, I like to think that I can explode through people and get my job done. So, I definitely think that my biggest asset is my quickness and explosiveness.

Goals/expectations for the season?

I just hope to be technically sound, mentally focused and physically prepared to endure throughout the whole season, and just be efficient. I know this year is my first year that I hope to play, and I hope that I can just adjust to the game.

How do you deal with skepticism about your height?

I always feel like my height has always played a role, because the first thing you see is a short guy. But, I think I use it to an advantage. In the game of football, you can probably hear every coach in America say the little man wins. So, I feel like I automatically have that advantage on most of the defenders. So, I think that definitely plays a key role in how I'm able to do my job. I'm short so I can hide behind the linemen and stuff. I definitely would like to use that as an advantage in a positive rather than a negative.

How do you prepare yourself on game days?

Definitely on game day I won't talk. I'll sit at my locker. I'll close my eyes, and I'll just dream up what's going to happen out there on the field. That's how I get prepared. I like to stay really focused.

Off the field:

What's it like playing in front of your family, since they live so close?

It's really good because people get to keep up with me. I'll get a text message that says I played with you on the game today. I just like the fact that my people are right up the street from me. They can come visit me. They can call me, keep in contact with me, and I can just let them know what's going on. They don't have to go far to witness it.

Have you had a favorite class at Vanderbilt?

I took this one pretty interesting class my first freshman semester. It was called the Alexander Technique. It's pretty much like a course to make your body more relaxed. It dealt with a lot of breathing techniques. I feel like that helped me concentrate on the field with the techniques that I learned in that course. I thought it was a pretty interesting course that I took.

His opinion:

Favorite NFL team: I like the Titans. They've been building each and every year. They have some pretty good draft picks and stuff. They went out there and played well in the preseason game against the Rams the other night. I just like the Titans. I like Vince Young. I like both running backs - LenDale White, Chris Brown. Chris Johnson, I hope he can give a good spark. I think I miss Pacman though.

Best place to eat in Nashville: Monell's... ummm, great food.

What do you do in your free time: If I'm not resting, I'm hanging out with my friends, and we just talk about life and different stuff, football and stuff.

What's your favorite thing about Vanderbilt/Nashville: I like the fact that's it's not too far away from my home, so I can get there when I need to. Vanderbilt has a nice campus. It's not too big. Everything is in walking distance. I have a bicycle, so I can just ride to where I need to go. I guess I like the campus.

Best summer blockbuster: I liked "Iron Man." I just liked the plot of it. I liked all of the military and war-type stuff that the government was trying to cover up and stuff.

Favorite type of music/artist: I mostly listen to hip-hop, rap and R & B, but I listen to any music. My favorite artists of this summer have probably been Lil' Wayne, Plies and if I had to say one more I'd have to say Rocko.



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