NINE-from-NINE: Kimbrow turns on the burners

Aug. 6, 2013

Vanderbilt had a historic season in 2012, finishing 9-4 overall and winning the Music City Bowl. The nine wins were the most by a Vanderbilt team since 1915. In the coming weeks, will relive each win by highlighting one play from every game. To get a better understanding of the play, we watched each highlight with the featured player and had him take us through the moment.

Kimbrow Outraces UMass Defenders

Oct. 27, 2012
Vanderbilt 49, UMass 7
Nashville, Tenn.

Watch Highlight

Give him an inch and he will take a mile. Brian Kimbrow is known for his electrifying speed and he illustrated it at times throughout his freshman season in 2012. For proof, just ask UMass how fast Kimbrow is when he turns on the afterburners.

In the third quarter of Vanderbilt's 49-7 win over the Minutemen, Kimbrow sprinted 74 yards for a touchdown. It was his longest touchdown of the season, and it is the fourth highlight in the NINE-from-NINE series.

Kimbrow's run came through the right side of the line between the right guard and center. Kimbrow side stepped one would-be defender and did the rest with his speed.

In His Words
Kimbrow Breaks it Down

Filled with Anticipation: Before the play, I just knew that I had to hit it. We always ran the play in practice, so I knew if there was nothing frontside, there is always something backside because I trust my linemen. I just trusted where it was, and I saw it and hit it full speed. When I saw it was me and the safety one-on-one, I knew he wasn't going to tackle me, so I just made him miss and I was gone.

Change of Plans: The play was actually designed to go to the left, but I bounced it to the zero hole and read my lineman, hit the hole and took it to the house. It was congested and I saw Chase [White] had his guy pinned up. I saw the hole, and just read my blocks and read the keys.

Breaking Ankles: Coach Donovan (running backs coach) always tells us that the first man should never tackle us, so I believe in that. If the first man tackles me, then I shouldn't be playing running back. I just gave (the safety) a little nod inside. I try to make everything full speed because once you attack people full speed, they kind of get hesitant to tackle you. I just made a move going full speed, and they gave me a little crease and I split it.

Hitting the Home Run:That's just the way I play. I don't really like to get two or three yards. I always go for the big play, and if I don't get it, I feel like I haven't had a good game. Getting 50-plus yard runs is something that I've always done since I've been playing football.

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