Under the Helmet: Chase Garnham

July 29, 2013

When my friends and I were in middle school, we were really into cryptid creatures, which is anything that's not proven or mythical. Bigfoot was my favorite one. We used to watch a lot of Bigfoot shows and do research online. Fitz [Lassing], Andrew [Bridges], and I are actually in a renegade air band named Sasquatch's Sister. I'm on drums, Fitz is on vocals and guitar and Andrew plays bass. We do mostly alternative rock covers. There's also a creature that supposedly lives in Latin America, the Chupacabra, which means "goat sucker" in Spanish. It's what people blame for killing their livestock.

If I was a regular student in college I would be on the club rugby team, and I would just wander around the rec a lot.

My dream job would be to work on a cruise ship so I could travel and be in the tropics.

I didn't really grow up as a huge professional football fan. I'd say I was more of a basketball fan, so when I played as a kid I pretended to be Tracy McGrady or LeBron James. I've followed LeBron since he was in high school. I'm a true fan.

I enjoyed playing against both Alabama and Auburn because I'm from Alabama. I don't have any friends on the teams but a lot of my friends go to those schools so they were at the games. It was just cool to play against those teams. It's such a big deal growing up in Alabama. You're either an Auburn or an Alabama fan, so that was fun.

If I could play with anyone in the pros it would probably be one of my former teammates. I would go with Rob Lohr or Tim Fugger just because they're friends of mine, and it would be fun to play with them again.

The most interesting guy on the team is definitely Ryan Brockway, who was a walk-on this past year. You never know what Brockway is going to say. He walks around campus barefoot so he's a pretty interesting guy.

I take a shower before every game, and I have a stretching routine I do. I wouldn't say it's superstitious but I have the same stretching routine before every game.

I don't enjoy camp. I'd say my favorite part is the day off they give us. We either go to the movies or go bowling. Last year we brought in a comedian named Nate Bargatze. That was really funny. It's a weird experience because you're away from the world for an entire month, and you don't really keep up with news. You get used to it, though. Towards the end of camp it's kind of fun to be around your teammates the whole time.



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