Vanderbilt - Kentucky postgame quotes

Nov. 16, 2013

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Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin
Opening comments:
"I'm really proud of our guys being 1-0 this week. We definitely played as well as we have against a spread offense and a mobile quarterback since we've been here. The turnovers were huge, especially considering how well that team had done at protecting the football all year long. We had nine penalties, which were way too many. We have to get that cleaned up... Jordan Matthews came through at critical times."

On Vanderbilt blocking a PAT:
"It was a huge play. I have been all over [our special teams coaches]. Adam Butler has shown he has the ability to penetrate [the line of scrimmage], but hasn't shown it yet. I'm proud of Trent Pruitt too. He has been with us for three years without many opportunities... He has made big plays the last few weeks for us."

On Vanderbilt tipping passes at the line of scrimmage:
"When you get negative yardage plays and plays that get them off-schedule, it causes problems. That's a spread team with a mobile quarterback and we played well... Our guys were ready because of film study and things we did in practice."

On Kentucky's defensive line:
"We knew their defensive line was going to be an issue."

On Vanderbilt's defensive effort:
"Our defense played exceptionally well. That was the biggest factor in the game. Over the last few weeks, the turnovers have been coming."

On the return of Vanderbilt QB Austyn Carta-Samuels:
"He has been working the last couple of weeks for us. He was cleared this morning. Given his experience and number of games played, he wanted to get him out on the field."

On getting to six wins:
"When you beat an SEC team, you couldn't be more excited. We'll enjoy this tonight and get started for our next opponent tomorrow. At the end of the year, you guys can tell us if we've been invited to go anywhere and we'll be excited."

On Vanderbilt's mindset:
"This is the kids' team. They work extremely hard. It's all about them. The support from the administration has been invaluable. We're 1-0 this week. We're not changing our process. It has done well."

Vanderbilt WR Jordan Matthews
On the deep throw plays: "There was just great protection on the line. Austyn's also got a canon, so when you have him in there it's easy to call those shot plays and be confident in him because he's going to be able to draw back and put a ball up there and make it extremely catchable. He's just doing a great job and it's great to have him back in practice. Everybody talks about the game, but it's a joy to me to go out everyday and practice together. Those are the moments I really cherish."

On his role in taking the shots down the field today:
"Yeah, I mean I played my role today because every week you got to go out and take shots. Kentucky has a great defensive line, and [Avery Williamson], that man is a baller. They have a good run defense so we knew we had to take our shots and take our chances down the field and we were able to do that, so that's good."

On the feel of having Carta-Samules back in the game today:
"Like I said, both guys bring something different to the table. I still feel good because despite Austyn being out, we've been winning. So as long as we get a W I'm fine, regardless of catches, yards, any individual stuff. I feel comfortable because as long as those guys put us in a position to win. Whichever guy is in there, I know they're going to get the job done. Austyn was in there today and he was able to do his thing. Patton came in for his one play, and he was able to put the ball in the end zone. So both guys did a great job, and I'm excited to keep playing with them."

Vanderbilt DT Adam Butler
On blocked extra point:
"Pre-game, Coach Pry actually talked to us about everyone going 100% and we just executed the way we were supposed to and we blocked it."

On how much momentum was stalled or wiped away from Kentucky on that play:
"Coach Franklin always talks about special teams and our motto on defense, which is our special teams, that's what we call our special teams is change the game. We feel that big plays on special teams like that has a huge impact on the momentum of the game and it puts both the offense and the defense in a good position. We feel good after big plays like that; it's just a big game changer."

On getting a lot of hands on a passes at the line of scrimmage:
"I think [quarterbacks] get very frustrated and one just slipped right through my hands, it was the end of the world. I thought I did have an interception, I didn't get it. I would have done my best, done the best I could (to try and score)."

On big defensive stops:
"First off, I just want to say I'm proud to be a part of this team and I'm blessed, I'm proud to be a part of the Wild Dogs. I feel like we play better when our backs are against the wall and we really bow up and understand that we gotta stop them and that's what we did."

Vanderbilt CB Andre Hal
On the importance the team's interceptions:
"It's very important. Coach is always talking about the turnover margin. Every time we get a turnover good things happen. Last week when we got a turnover we scored, so it's a big deal in our game because getting turnovers helps the offense out."

On how his interception happened:
"I knew the screen was coming because they lined up three on one in the boundary, so I jumped it and luckily he tipped it right to me. I just had to catch it."

On the significance of six wins this season:
"It's an expectation. We want to win, we want to go to bowl games. That's our expectation now."

Vanderbilt QB Austyn Carta-Samuels
On being cleared this morning to play:
"I just had a limited role in practice. I've been working hard, and I got the clearance so I was able to just step in and do my job."

On how he felt physically:
"I felt great. Obviously, if they cleared me something was working. I felt good out there today so I'm excited to be back out there with my team."

On Kentucky getting pressure early and their three sacks in the first half:
"You said they got to me three times in the first half? That's great because they had thre sacks, so clearly we were on the same page for the rest of the game."

On the potential for a 13th game this season:
"Coach Franklin has an overall general philosophy as to what will happen if we do as he asks and do what he says, and those things just happen to come true because we listen to our coach. Right now, this week it was about being 1 - 0, and we're 1 - 0 and that gave us this opportunity. It's not something we're going to look at. I'm really good we got to that threshold (six wins) because now we can just focus on beating our next opponent. Our coaches keep us really in the moment and they do a great job of that."

On turning more drives into points and where the offense can improve:
"I think if you look at the offense the whole season you realize that we have had a lot of success. We've done it throwing the ball, we've done it running the ball. It hasn't always been pretty but we've done it all. You just want to play a complete game and have both aspects of your game working. I think it's exciting because we've run the ball extremely successfully, we've thrown the ball extremely successfully, we've had no penalties in a game before, so we know what that complete game is, we're just searching for it in our next two opportunities. We'll work on those three aspects and keep it going."

On the potential for surgery to repair his knee at the end of the season:
"I don't know. I actually don't know what my injury is yet, I`ve just been asking them yes or no and going out to practice everyday. Today, I got a yes and I got to go out there. I don't know what the extent of the injury is, they haven't communicated that with me and I wouldn't like to know anyway. So I'm just going to wait and get the go-ahead everyday at practice and games and be excited about every opportunity I have on the field."

Kentucky Head Coach Mark Stoops
Opening Statement:
"It's the same old song and dance, I'm upset and frustrated. I thought our team played hard but we just didn't make plays when we had to. We had certain plays set up and we didn't execute and they executed their plays, that was the difference in the game.

"Jordan Matthews was very hard to defend. He made some very nice plays and he's a very good wideout. He was tough to defend, but other than that I thought the defense played very well.

"Offensively, I thought we controlled play pretty well. We just need to find some explosive playmakers."

Does this loss hurt over the others:
"It does. We told our guys at half time we completely controlled the game, yet we're still down three. We played extremely well on both sides of the ball. The turnovers and the blocked PAT were big differences in this one."

On the fake field goal:
"Obviously, if I could go back and do it over I would. It wasn't a guarantee we'd make that kick. It was 48 yards into the wind and Joe's [Mansour] leg was looking a little off on kickoffs. I didn't think he'd have enough pop to hit it through the wind and I thought it was a decent percentage of us making that play, it just didn't work."

On the play at quarterback:
"It was a frustrating day for Jalen, we didn't play good enough at that position. I thought he had tough runs and we moved the chains. We're doing the best we can, we need to get mores support around him."

Kentucky WR Demarco Robinson
On reaction to today's game:
"We're always down when we lose. I feel like we move the ball good at times, but we've gotta learn how to finish, to stick it in the end zone."

On the first interception:
"It was just a bad pass, a little bad luck on our part, but you know, we work hard to make it better. We just have to keep going."

On being a close game:
"It definitely hurts a lot. Obviously, we see the chance to capitalize on turnovers and things like that, but you know we just have to work harder to capitalize and stick it in the end zone when we can."

On what is keeping the team from finishing drives:
"I'm not sure. It's a mixture of things. Whether it's someone not doing their assignment or jumping off sides, penalities or anything, dropped passes, or missed holes. It's everybody's fault. We just have to come out and work harder."

On Coach Stoops' reaction:
"He was real fired up. He said we fought good. He liked the effort, but like we said we have to get the W."

On dominating first half and still being down:
"We always just take what we got. We aren't looking at it bad or good, we just take the situation we got and move forward."

Kentucky RB Raymond Sanders III
On being more of the same:
"We just gotta learn to finish plays. We got started a couple of drives and didn't execute on third down plays."

On what's preventing the team from improving:
"It's the momentum. We need to learn how to pick things up. When a penalty is called on us, we can't just get down from there on, we just have to learn to come on and bring ourselves back together."

On being tougher because it's a close game:
"This really was a disappointment. We just have to keep going. Keep it up at practice, keep going, and start over on Georgia next week."

Kentucky WR Javess Blue
On the close loss:
"This really was a disappointment for us. We gotta keep going and keep it up at practice. We'll start over on Georgia next week."

On the cause of the offensive struggles:
"It's just momentum. We need to learn how to pick things up. When a penalty is called on us, we can't just get down from there on. We just have to learn how to bring ourselves back together and get the first down."

Kentucky DE Alvin Dupree
On the defensive play:
"It could possibly be one of the best days we've had defense-wise. We just gotta keep getting better every week. For the next two games we have, we gotta play hard."

On the trick play touchdown at the end:
"It was a great play. They drew up a good scheme. I guess they figured we'd be playing the run heavily, which we were. They just threw it over our heads. We just gotta be ready for that in that situation."

On whether the season is getting the team down:
"No, we're ballplayers. We're gonna keep going, keep grinding, keep making plays and keep getting better. I think eventually we'll push through."



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