Post-Lipscomb Game Quotes

Dec. 8, 2007

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings:

Opening statement:
"I'm pleased with most of what we did tonight. I thought we played pretty well defensively in the first half. I thought we played well offensively in the second half. We took care of the ball, which I asked them to do. We got the ball inside, which I asked them to do. We got to the free throw line, which I asked them to do, though we didn't shoot it as well from there as we normally do. It was a hard-earned win and I'm pleased do have played as well as we did."

On the opening of the second half:
"I wasn't disappointed that our lead got to eight points. I was disappointed that we started off the second half fouling. I was disappointed that we put them to the foul line 18 times in the second half. Obviously, that was a problem. Some of that came from the fact that we lost our intensity on the boards. I'm happy with the fact that we went to our guys that we needed to go when things got like that."

On Andrew Ogilvy and Shan Foster:
"They make us difficult to guard. We still have a lot of room to grow and improve. If we rebound on Wednesday (at DePaul) the way we rebounded in the second half, our fun will be temporarily over. We need to do a better job of playing defense without fouling and that's my responsibility."

On defending the three point shot:
"That's been one of the big things for us. We've been hurt by it this year, but we didn't tonight. I think that's been a big problem for us when teams are coming back on us. The dribble gets away from us and that leads to three point shots."

Vanderbilt Players:

Forward Shan Foster:

On Lipscomb playing zone defense:
"I was happy to see them playing zone.  Our big men did a good job of attacking their defense, especially when they were playing man to man.  That forces teams to play another type of defense like a zone and that opens things up for me."

On having different styles of play:
"We definitely want to have different ways to play.  Lipscomb came out and played hard today.  They fought back in the second half.  Andrew (Ogilvy) went off in the first half and we just kept getting him the ball."

On how Lipscomb would defend Vanderbilt:
"That's what our opponents are trying to figure out.  But that makes us work harder everyday in practice, because we can't get complacent.  There are things in each one of our games that we need to work on.  We're trying to get to a championship level and until we get there, we have to continue to work hard."

On things to improve on:
"We need to improve our rebounding and in the SEC, we'll be playing guys that are bigger and stronger.  We also need to pick up our defensive intensity."

Center Andrew Ogilvy:

On playing off of each other:
"Its definitely important to have someone else to rely on.  I know that if I'm not playing well, Shan will be there to pick it up.  It's the same the other way around."

Lipscomb Head Coach Scott Sanderson:

Opening statement:
"We thought we were pretty good defensively, but against Vanderbilt, you have to guard the entire floor.  Ogilvy can shoot it, post up, do a little bit of everything.    He also has guys that he can pass it to that can make plays.  Sometimes against good teams, you only have to guard part of the floor, but not against Vanderbilt.  Best case scenario, you have to let Keegan Bell and Ross Neltner beat you, and they can do that.  Foster got going in the second half after we did a good job of defending him in the first half.  They're just well balanced."

On playing zone:
"We were in zone defense in the second half for the first few minutes, but we switched to man defense.  However, we didn't communicate well with each other.  We would change defenses, but not everyone would do it at the same time."

On gaining offensive rebounds:
"They didn't help us, because we didn't convert on them.  Vanderbilt had fewer offensive rebounds, but were more efficient with them and had more of an advantage then we did.  We didn't capitalize on them as much as we should have."



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