XC camp video -- Part 2: Commodores off the beaten path

Aug. 25, 2014

As surprising as it might sound, the truth is: Cross country camp isn't just about running.

In fact, the training aspect of camp is just one small part of the experience for the members of the Vanderbilt program, who recently spent three days at Pickett State Park in Jamestown, Tenn.

Today, as we continue a series of videos from camp, we're focusing on the the less-demanding elements of camp -- like hanging out on a playground and eating dinner in a rustic cabin. Today's footage also includes some spur-of-the-moment interviews with several of the Commodores. And oh yeah, an arm-wrestling challenge, too.

Vanderbilt will participate in its first regular-season meet, the Belmont Opener, on Aug. 29.

XC camp video: Part 2



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