Summer Scoop: Rebecca Chandler

June 24, 2013

I had the privilege to catch up with one of my cross country and track teammates, the multi-talented Rebecca Chandler. In between her workouts and internship with the Council of State Judges of Georgia, she travels to see friends and family and enjoys her favorite hobby: making music and jamming on her guitars.

(Photo: Becca Chandler, left, and sister Rachel, right, on the River Seine with the Eiffel Tower in the background.)

Liz Anderson: You have an internship in Atlanta this summer. Can you tell me a little bit about it?

Becca Chandler: I am interning for the Director of the Council of State Judges of Georgia. Since it's an administrative office, most of what I do is just secretarial work, but I also get to help with judicial research and proposed legislation. Most importantly, I am learning about law and the judicial system and have met tons of interesting people, including the Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court and even the Governor. Also, the building I work in is attached to the Georgia Supreme Court and is across the street from the State Capitol. Riding MARTA (the Atlanta above-ground metro) to work has been cool, too.

LA: What is the most exciting part of your internship? Have you learned anything cool or something about yourself?

BC: The most exciting part has been meeting so many different people with a wide range of legal occupations, from judges to lobbyists to administrators. I plan to go to law school after I graduate, and this internship has shown me several different career paths that I could take. I've met people who work in criminal law and I think being a District Attorney or judge would be an interesting and rewarding job.

LA: When you aren't working, what do you spend time doing?

BC: The area where my family lives is very metropolitan and we are always walking to dinner or to the dog park (I have two French Bulldogs). I try to spend time with my family during the week; on the weekends, I typically drive back to Nashville to see my sister and friends or drive to Jacksonville, Fla., to hang out with my friends from high school and my grandparents. I also hiked Stone Mountain and I am catching up on all of my favorite TV shows, mainly The Sopranos

LA: As a student-athlete, one of your jobs is to stay fit and keep up with your workouts. How do you stay motivated? Is there anyone at home that you workout with?

BC: Unfortunately, since my family moved to Atlanta after I left for college, I do not really know anyone here. However, there are some nice parks that I can run to and there is a gym next to my family's house. As for motivation, keeping in touch with my teammates gets me really excited for cross country in the fall. As a rising junior, I am finally getting a feel for training and how to get in shape without overdoing it. 

LA: You are also a musician; do you have time for any jam sessions?

BC: I have four guitars at home and I play once a day. I don't have anyone to play with in Atlanta, so I typically just mess around on Garageband.

LA: You just went to Paris for a wedding. Any cool stories from that trip?

BC: I had so much fun. The wedding was on a riverboat on the Seine that runs through the middle of Paris. The reception consisted of dancing on the deck of the boat under the light of the Eiffel Tower; it was amazing. Also, I went to the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay and saw some of my favorite paintings. 

LA: What excites you the most with cross country season just around the corner?

BC: The number one thing is just being with my teammates; they mean the world to me, and I miss them a lot. (She misses me the most.) I am also really excited for our three beautiful, talented new additions and it will be fun to see what they bring to our team dynamic. Besides that, I am looking forward to Saturdays in the fall. They typically start with a scenic long run with teammates at Percy Warner Park, then Bruegger’s bagels with pumpkin cream cheese before football game day festivities. (GO DORES!)

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