Taylor's NCAA tennis journal - May 13

May 13, 2008

Greetings from Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Our team just arrived here yesterday evening to play the final rounds of the NCAA tournament. The regional this past weekend was an exciting and exhausting two days of competition, and my teammates and I feel very blessed to have gotten past such a talented and spirited Kentucky team. I really want to thank all the wonderful fans who came out to support us. We had a great crowd who made it so much more fun as the match came down to the wire. Catherine Newman and Caroline Ferrell really dug deep and made a huge difference for us to find our way to Tulsa.

We slept in some this morning, but found the off-site practice courts for two hours of drilling after breakfast. Following lunch and some time in the hotel, we headed over to the main site to hit there for a couple more hours. It's a beautiful facility with a lot of great viewing, but the wind here is pretty fierce. In tennis the wind is a critical factor during play, and so we're trying to make sure and utilize that to our advantage in the upcoming matches. After our second hit, one of the vans (mine) got a little extra sight-seeing when we took the wrong highway and ended up touring what must've been half the state of Oklahoma.

We survived, barely, and made it back in time to have dinner with our "host family." Every year at NCAA's we are given a host family who provides a dinner for us, helps us with any questions or needs, and comes to support us as we compete. Our family tonight was amazing, and they will be out on Thursday night to help us take on the Gators. Our athletic trainer, our fitness guru, and media relations men are all here to also support and help, and I know I speak for my whole team when I say how happy and thankful we are to have everyone here with us.

We're working hard while also trying to relax and enjoy the moment. This is just a great time and wonderful opportunity, and I know regardless of how this tournament plays out, we have had an amazing year. As a senior I look back on it with great appreciation and good memories; but more than anything, I want to take it out in style by doing some serious damage in our bracket. I hope you'll keep up with us online at vucommodores.com!

Thanks for reading,
Amanda Taylor



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