Swimmers' Stories: Team chemistry

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Oct. 27, 2010

   "During our first month of training, Jeremy and Krysten made time for team-building activities during Friday afternoon practices. It allowed us to have time to get to know each other better. One week we had to find out a fun fact about every girl on the team and bring what we found to share with everyone. We had lots of fun finding out random and interesting facts about all of the girls. They ranged from things as straightforward as food allergies to the strange and funny things we did when we were kids.
   There was also a day where we did team-building activities outside McGugin. We had water balloon tosses, and eventually got Jeremy with a few. Jennifer Molchan led everyone in a game where we split into three teams and had to sing as many songs with the word "love" that we could think of in a short amount of time. We ended with a few variations of the human knot, and eventually got out of them...
   To top off all of our team bonding activities, however, I must say that our four and a half mile hike/run at Percy Warner Park this past Saturday takes the cake. There's nothing like bonding over a steep, tree-root and leaf infested trail while running with a partner trying not to break an ankle, or fall flat on your face. Though it was definitely a challenge and some of us did in fact have a few graceful descents to the ground, it could not have been a more perfect morning for a run. The weather was great and, needless to say, it was a bonding experience."

Stephanie Falcone (Junior)

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