My Day Off: Soccer Coach Derek Greene

Sept. 24, 2013

Playing games on Friday and Sunday doesn’t lend well to taking time off over weekends, so during soccer season Head Coach Derek Greene tries to find his brief respite on Monday afternoons. Greene enjoys spending time with his wife Gail and sons Max and Miller at their home in the historic Inglewood neighborhood of Nashville.

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On using Monday as recovery:
Your adrenaline is so high on Sunday because we’re in here at 8:30 in the morning getting ready for the game, you just have this crash and you really want to go to bed at like 7 o’clock Sunday night, but you can’t. Then on Monday morning I’m typically up by 6:30 with the kids. Hopefully we’ve slept through the night. (That didn’t happen last year during the fall.) The first thing I do in the morning is chase myself to the coffee maker.

On how having kids has changed his taste in coffee:
Prior to the kids, I was always buying whole bean Starbucks coffee. We would grind it at the house every night and put it in the maker. But now, I don’t want to grind it at night, because the last thing I want to do is disturb a sleeping kid. And I don’t want to grind it in the morning. So we’ve gone to Folgers Gourmet Coffee Roast. But I always make sure to put in like five extra scoops to make it strong enough.

On his Monday morning routine:
Typically we’ll go out on the deck if the weather is nice and our kids will play. This fall, Miller is crawling around and Max is playing with all kinds of cool toys. We will sit out there and play a while , then I’ll head into the office about 7:45 because I sit on the regional ranking committee and we have a 9 a.m. conference call every Monday.

On the regional rankings conference call:
I have to come in by about 8:15 and make sure I’ve looked at the results of all the teams I have to track in our region for that call, which consists of about five to six college coaches from the southeast. Brian Lee from LSU is the head of the committee, so he conducts the call and we all are tracking teams and giving our input, trying to formulate a Top 10 out of the roughly 40 teams in our region.

On leaving work for the day:
I make myself leave by 12:30. I have to drop stuff on my desk and try to step away and go be with my family. Inevitably on the way home the phone rings. It seems like I’m on the phone every day on the way to work and on the way home.

On afternoon play time with his children:
We’re superheroes every day. One day [Max] might tell me to be Superman, the next day I’m Spiderman. Or I’m Batman and he’s Robin. So we run around and play superheroes, and Miller crawls all over the place basically chasing us around on his hands and knees. Max’s third birthday is going to be superhero-themed. We have a bunch of extra costumes for the kids. He wants to be Captain America. That, Spiderman and Superman are his go-to’s.

On finding himself in a quiet house at nap time:
The boys go down at maybe 3 for a nap, which allows Gail time to get some things accomplished where I can be of help to her. If the boys are napping for two hours and Gail’s gone, I’ll probably watch game film. We don’t have shows we watch regularly. I enjoyed the show “Touch” with Kiefer Sutherland, but now the only shows we watch are the kids’ shows.

On the family’s love of outdoor time:
If the weather is good I like to grill out. We like to do good family walks around the neighborhood. We’ll push around Brush Hill all the way through September and October if the weather is good. We love to go on family walks through the neighborhood.

On capping off a relaxing Monday night:
Right now Max is really into the Incredibles. Monday evening—any night right now, for that matter—is not complete without hanging out on the couch and having a chance to watch a little bit of Toy Story or the Incredibles. Pop it in for 30 minutes, wherever it starts.



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