Q&A with soccer's Hannah Gonzales

Aug. 15, 2008

Now that you are a sophomore and have a full year of experience playing in the SEC, how will that experience help you this season?

I think since we had such a young and big freshman class last year (11 total freshman) and have six newcomers this year we are still young team. We have three seniors this year and only one junior. I think last year was just really good building experience for the years to come and because of that I think we are only going to get better from here.

How have the seniors taken a leadership role for the underclassmen?

I think all three of the seniors, as well as junior Megan Forester, have taken that leadership role and have done a good job of leading the team in practices. I think that everyone really looks to each other for a leadership role since a lot of us are in our first or second season. Katie Schulz was our captain last year and has done a really good job of leading us in preseason; and our team has bonded well together, and everything is going good.

Coming out of high school, were you nervous in your first conference game last year?

Coming out of high school I knew that playing in the SEC was going to be more advanced and faster. I was definitely nervous playing in my first game here, but I was fortunate to come into a great team here at Vanderbilt. All the players and coaches were very welcoming, and they helped me get acclimated quickly. The pace of the game is much quicker, but I think the freshman last year handled it well.

What position did you play last season? Do you think you'll play a different position this year?

I actually played up-top (forward) last year, and then in the spring I moved to outside back, which is where I think I will be playing this fall.

Has Coach Coveleskie talked about how starting positions are up for grabs? Are their any position battles going on in practice?

We all compete every day at practice. There is a constant battle, and we make each other better every single day. Everyone gives 100 percent, and we know that there are no guaranteed spots. It's game-for-game, and it depends on how hard you work in practice. Ronnie, Cristin Czubik, Eric Vaughter and Sara Melby, our trainer, all do a great job of making sure our team is prepared and healthy.



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