#MusicMonday with Alex Duckenfield

Feb. 17, 2014

Alex Duckenfield, a junior lacrosse player from Pennsylvania, is the next Commodore to give suggestions for #MusicMonday. Alex needs high-octane music to get ready for games. If the bass isn't bumping and the volume isn't blaring, it won't work. In other words, "turn down for what?", which also happens to be Alex's first song choice.

"'Turn Down for What' by DJ Snake & Lil Jon has an upbeat tempo that gets me ready to play. Its fun beat gets me loose and eases my nerves. Our team loves this song; anyone walking past our locker room can always hear it blaring from the speakers or see us dancing to it in the weight room when we're working out."

Alex's second song is "Diva" by Beyonce. "Lacrosse is such a high-intensity, aggressive, fast-paced game, so I always listen to songs that get me amped and my adrenaline flowing. I especially love this song because it is one of my favorite ones to dance to with teammate Meggie Ramzy in the locker room before the game. I think everyone can agree that Beyonce is fierce in the way that I want to be on the field, so this song gives you the perfect amount of confidence to walk onto the field."

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