Women's Lacrosse
Countdown to lacrosse: Sarah Wilcox

Jan. 26, 2014

Sarah Wilcox
Sophomore, Defense, 5-8
Alexandria, Va.

In 12 days, the Vanderbilt lacrosse team begins the 2014 season on Feb. 7 at Kennesaw State. To get ready for the 19th season in program history, vucommodores.com will spotlight all 29 players and coaches Cathy Swezey, Susan Ellis and Julie Gardner. This segment will offer an inside look into the team on and off the field.

Today, sophomore defender Sarah Wilcox, who wears jersey No. 12, continues our countdown. The Alexandria, Va., native contributed in two games last year. She is a human and organizational development major and was named to the SEC's First-Year Academic Honor Roll.

How excited are you to get the season going?

I'm real excited to get going. We had a great fall. A lot of bonding with the team. It was awesome. But I'm real excited for this spring to get excited. After last spring we have a lot of positive expectations for the upcoming year. We've worked really hard for this fall and preseason so far. A lot of us worked really hard over break so it should be a great season.

How long have you played lacrosse?

I've played since I was in third grade. For spring sports it was either lacrosse or softball from where I was from. All my friends, we all picked to play lacrosse when we were eight. It was more I wanted to do it because my friends did and then we all loved it. My grade is when (lacrosse) got really big in Virginia.

How has your role changed this year compared to last year?

Being older I guess you have different roles. There are eight freshmen so you have more younger people to look out for. That has been different. Great group of freshmen. We have a great bond as a (sophomore) class.

Why did you choose Vanderbilt?

Academics. I always wanted academics. I also wanted SEC school. My sister (Katie) went to Auburn and she loved that. I wanted that as well. I loved Tennessee when I came to Nashville to visit.

Do you know what you'd like to do after you graduate?

I've thought about consulting or sports consulting. Something with sports would be really, really great. More like sports marketing.

Age I picked up a lacrosse stick: Eight years old

When I was a kid I tried to be like: My older sister Katie

Favorite part about playing at Vanderbilt: Having 28 best friends

Favorite sport other than lacrosse: Football

Favorite musical performer: John Mayer

Favorite movie: Tie between Bull Durham and Blue Crush

Nobody can believe I watch this TV show: Arthur

Favorite midnight snack: Popcorn

Dream Date: Kevin Costner

The best tasting food I can make: Kale chips

My bucket list includes: Biking across America

Favorite athlete to watch in another sport: Cam Newton

Favorite thing to do away from lacrosse: Go to the beach

My best non-athletic talent: Needlepointing

Favorite aspect of Nashville: Live music and downtown

The person I’d love to trade places with for a day: Tami Taylor

The person(s) I admire most: My parents

The best advice I’ve received: "Thoughts become things" – The Secret

The most famous person I’ve met: Russell Brand

Biggest influence in my life: My parents

My advice to young people is: Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.



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