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Oct. 29, 2007

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On The Road Again
Junior Kaitlin Reynolds gives an update following the women's bowling team's season opening competition at the Central Region Jamboree in Jonesboro, Ark.

Over the past weekend, Vanderbilt Bowling competed for the first time this season (results). It was a chance to acclimate our freshman to college tournament life, both on and off of the lanes.

We traveled to Jonesboro, Arkansas Friday afternoon in two rental vans. Being that we like to keep the atmosphere loose, both vans were filled with joke telling, sing-a-longs to the radio, and trying to guess what songs Delilah would play to match the caller's story on her radio show (a favorite pastime of Coach Williamson). We used Friday night to settle into our rooms, have our team meeting, do some homework, and get plenty of rest for competition the next day.

Saturday's team game competition was a good learning experience to see where we are as a team and what we need to work on before our next tournament in two weeks. As we expected, the teams we faced stepped up their game quite a bit when they played us, and we worked hard to beat some of the best games of the day from other teams.

Saturday night, we celebrated Ellen Morrison's birthday at Outback Steakhouse. The waiter brought out a gigantic piece of chocolate cake and we sang "Happy Birthday." After dinner, it was all homework and the World Series. Michelle Peloquin is a diehard Red Sox fan and I have been rooting for them also, so we tried to watch as much of the game as possible, but had to turn in early so we could head out bright and early Sunday morning.

Sunday's baker game competition was a learning experience much like Saturday. We had our ups and downs and took what we could from them. Presently, we are on our way back to campus, some of us trying to get homework done in the van and others sleeping. On behalf of my teammates, I sign off on the road back from a hard fought weekend. We have a lot of work to do in the next two weeks to stay on track with our goals and be ready to go in Wisconsin.

Go `Dores!
Kaitlin Reynolds



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