Josie Earnest's Tuesday update from the U.S. Open

July 24, 2013

Vanderbilt Assistant Coach Josie Earnest is sending reports after each day of her competition at the U.S. Open in Columbus, Ohio. Complete standings and coverage is on

Monday's Blog

Today was a much better day for me in terms of consistency. Yesterday felt like a roller coaster, but today I was able to take what the lanes gave me and use it.

I started out the first game with a 177, which only had one open - a pocket split. Even though my score didn't reflect it, I bowled well and knew I had a line that was going to allow me to be successful. This game was proof that what I said yesterday was true: if you control your emotions your scores will reflect that. I was able to stay focused and register a few good scores to make up for my slow start.

My final score for the block was 1,646, which puts me at plus-69 overall (3269, 69 pins above 200 average). This puts me inside the top 10, which is a good position to be in with one final block of qualifying left. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is going to be much of the same thing that happened the first two days. I have to make great shots, pick up my spares and let the pins fall where they may.

Coach John and I tell our girls every tournament they don't have to be perfect, they just have to be good. This is the one and only tournament that I will say that your shots have to be close to perfect to give yourself a chance. I'm going to give it my best tomorrow and see where it puts me.

Go `Dores!




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