My Game: Heather Bowe

Dec. 27, 2013

By Jerome Boettcher l Subscribe to Commodore Nation

Heather Bowe is a forward from Eau Claire, Wis. was named to the SEC All-Freshman Team last year. She came to Vanderbilt after a decorated high school career in which she was named a Parade All-American and set school and city scoring records. The 6-foot sophomore also received scholarship offers to play Division I volleyball. When she isn't playing basketball, she loves the outdoors and all things pink.

Commodore Nation: How are you a girlie girl?

Heather Bowe: I'm girlie but outdoorsy at the same time.

Last year I came in, and I was all pink everything. That's different. I had the pink shoes, the pink water bottle, the pink folders, the pink bedspread.

CN: Did you get teased?

Bowe: Yes. A lot--by all teammates. And I get teased about my accent all the time. They say I have a really Northern accent. Between the pink, the girlie and the accent, that was like everything all my teammates picked on. Jaz (Jasmine Lister), JJ (Jasmine Jenkins), (Christina) Foggie, TT (Rayte'a Long), they all let me have it.

CN: How often does your last name (pronounced BO-VEE ) get mispronounced?

Bowe: All the time. From boo-yah to bow, I just nod my head and go, `Yep, that's me.'

CN: What is the origin?

Bowe: Bohemian. German Bohemian. From my dad's side of the family.

CN: What was it like growing up in Wisconsin?

Bowe: It's great up there, first of all. Everyone always is like, `Wis-CAN-sin' and think I'm in a whole different country. It is so great. In the winters I go snowmobiling, fishing. I love downhill skiing. I stopped downhill skiing for basketball because I didn't want to get hurt. We don't have beaches. Lakes are our big things in Wisconsin. It is beautiful there just hanging out with friends and family, camping. It is definitely colder in the winter. A lot colder there than here. Here I didn't even need a winter jacket last year.

CN: Bowe committed to play at the University of Wisconsin before her sophomore year of high school. But amidst a coaching change her scholarship offer was redrawn.

Bowe: I was fortunate enough to land at Vandy. I'm so thankful for whatever happened. Coach always said everything happens for a reason. Coach Kim (Rosamond) was telling me on the phone that sometimes bad things happen so good things can fall into place. I'm a firm believer in that. I love it. This is definitely where I belong.

CN: Was your freshman year an adjustment?

Bowe: It was definitely an adjustment my freshman year. I'm 13 hours away from home, starting in a whole new environment and people I had never known. I really lucked out coming here. A great group of people. I love my teammates. I love my coaches, and I couldn't ask for anything better.



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