Women's Basketball
Get to know Gabby Smith

Oct. 11, 2010

Gabby Smith
5-10 Sophomore Guard
Cincinnati, Ohio

Player I idolized growing up: LeBron James

Most famous person I’ve met: Jesse McCartney

My dream job would be: Psychologist/Nutritionist

Best player I’ve face: Jence Rhoads

If I could play another sport, I would play: Soccer

I wish I knew how to: Draw

Favorite vacation destination I’ve been to: Los Angeles

Favorite TV show: Deal or No Deal

Favorite movie: Madea Goes to Jail

Most thrilling experience: Winning a High School State Championship

Oddest talent: I can make good monkey noises

Least favorite conditioning drill: 120’s

Number of countries I’ve visited: 2

Super power I’d like to have: To be in more than once place at the same time

Concert I’d like to attend:
Keith Urban

I refuse to eat:

Moment in history I’d like to have seen:
Boston Tea Party



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