Women's Basketball
Get to know Christina Foggie

Sept. 16, 2010

Christina Foggie
5-9 Freshman Guard
Mount Laurel, N.J.

Player I idolized growing up: Kobe Bryant

Most famous person I've met: Denzel Washington

My dream job would be: CEO of my own business

Best player I've face: Laurin Mincy (Maryland)

If I could play another sport, I would play: Soccer

I wish I knew how to:

Favorite vacation destination you've been to: Ocean City, New Jersey

Favorite TV show: Jersey Shore

Favorite movie: Mean Girls

Most thrilling experience: Going on Expedition Everest at Disney World

Oddest talent: I'm double jointed so I can bend my limbs farther than normal

Least favorite conditioning drill: 110-yard sprints

Number of countries I've visited: 2

Super power I'd like to have: Teleporting

Favorite midnight snack: Grapes

Concert I'd like to attend:
Lady Gaga

Moment in history I'd like to have seen:
Barrack Obama's Inauguration

When I was a kid, I tried to be like:
My big brother, Jim

Favorite musical performer: Mariah Carey

Favorite athlete to watch in another sport:
Ryan Howard

Songs on my iPod:



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