Memorial Gym floor has slightly different look

Aug. 31, 2011

Vanderbilt's Memorial Gym floor has undergone a few changes this offseason thanks to a couple of new rule changes that combined the men's and women's three-point lines and added a block/charge restricted arc.

Each summer the court in Memorial and the practice gym are screened and recoated for the next season, but the process was different this year because of the rule changes. Workers also had to sand out the paint in order to extend the three-point line and add the block/charge arc. The final coat was applied to the Memorial Gym floor on Aug. 17 and players were allowed on it Aug. 22.

Just like the main floor at Memorial Gym, the practice gym floor also has a new look this year, but the extent of the changes is even greater. Vanderbilt sands each court approximately every 10-12 years, and this year was the first time the floor had been sanded since the practice gym opened in 2002.

Noticeable changes to the practice gym include the addition of the Star V logo to the center of the floor and the Vanderbilt Commodores word marks added on opposite sidelines. LIke the court in Memorial, there is also now just one three-point line and a charge/block arc. The final coat was added to the practice floor on Aug. 22 and players were allowed on by the 26th.



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