Balcomb serves as panelist at MNPS Coaches Training

Vanderbilt head coach Melanie Balcomb.
Aug. 27, 2014

Vanderbilt head coach Melanie Balcomb believes there is much more to coaching than simply helping players develop their skills.

On Wednesday, she shared those views with a capacity audience of high school coaches and administrators at Belmont University's Maddox Grand Atrium.

Participating in the MNPS Coaches Training seminar, Balcomb was part of a four-member panel of coaches who discussed various topics related to recruiting players with integrity. The other panelists included Belmont baseball coach David Jarvis, TSU golf coach Parish McGrath and TSU softball coach Tom Opdenbrouw. The moderator was Dana Ford, the first-year head coach at Tennessee State.

Among the topics of discussion was the role that coaches play in the lives of the student-athlete. "These kids are learning so much more than how to shoot a jump shot," Balcomb said. "They are learning life skills."

Balcomb said she tries to prepare her players for the challenges that will come their way long after their college careers are behind them. She said that can sometimes be a difficult lesson to learn, especially when dealing with young players who think that "recovering from a sprained ankle is overcoming adversity."

Balcomb and the other coaches discussed a wide range of other topics, including the ever-increasing influence of social media and the importance of developing character.

Balcomb said one of the main lessons she tries to get across to her players is: "It's all about what you do and how you act when no one is watching."

The day-long coaches training/seminar also included concussion prevention training (provided by Vanderbilt spots Medicine Group) for the high school coaches, and a program that focused on Nashville's city-wide campaign to reduce violence against women and girls.


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