Balcomb speaks on leadership

June 6, 2013

A college basketball coach and over 100 corporate officers from the business world have more in common than one may think. Vanderbilt Women's Basketball Head Coach Melanie Balcomb illustrated to the Nashville business community the connection between the leadership principles she practices every day with her players to high performing employees.

The Alternative Board of Nashville, an organization of business owners and corporate executives, invited Balcomb to speak at their June seminar entitled, "Leadership: What does `right' look like?" Other invited speakers included Pastor Micahel Easley (former president of Moody Bible Institute), John White (former Chief of Los Angeles Police Department), author Larry Linne, and former Army Special Forces Commanders Christopher Conner and John Alexander.

Honored to join such a prestigious line-up of speakers, Balcomb found a way to connect her experiences as a coach to business leaders. She addressed doing things with passion, and how that passion can be contagious to those around you. Balcomb strongly believes in motivating and inspiring her players to give their best and employers must do the same.

Coach Balcomb shared three concepts she felt applied the most to coaching and the business world. First, she discussed Choosing "The Right" Fit, detailing the importance of matching values and knowing the difference between "needed" and "wanted." Her second concept, Recruiting "The Right People "The Right" Way, touched on being authentic and ethical. In her third and final concept, Developing "The Right" Culture, she talked about being positive and building relationships to create an environment where people can thrive.



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