Foggie speaks at Women's Final Four Summit

April 7, 2014

Christina Foggie has proven herself to be an outstanding ambassador for Vanderbilt.

She proved on Monday that she also can handle the responsibilities of being a representative for a much larger group.

Selected to serve as a panelist for the NCAA Final Four Summit at Music City Center, Foggie was asked to speak on behalf of every female student-athlete in the nation.

Foggie -- who recently closed out her storied career with the Commodores -- was the only student athlete on the panel. She was joined on stage by some of the most influential women in college basketball, including WNBA chief of operations Renee Brown, DePaul athletic director Jean Lenti Ponsetto, Big East commissioner Val Ackerman, Ivy League deputy executive director Carolyn Campbell-McGovern.

Foggie and the other panelists discussed the state of women's basketball in front of large audience that included coaches, administrators and media who are in Nashville for the Final Four.

Foggie, specifically, was asked if she felt that student-athletes are given enough say in the decision-making process for college athletics.

She said she felt Vanderbilt, as a whole, "values the voice of the student-athlete" and that the Vanderbilt athletes "don't feel separation" between the athletes and the administration. She said Vanderbilt does a good job of "helping you understand how you can further your resources."

However, Foggie said on a national level, athletes would like to have a more prominent role in the decision-making process. She reached this conclusion, she said, after polling several of her friends on the topic.

"As student-athletes, we feel like can improve our voices," said Foggie, "and we are not as loud as we could be. We want to increase (our input) and want to unify with the administration."

Foggie, who ranks seventh on Vanderbilt's all-time scoring list and is the program's all-time leader in 3-pointers, said she was a little bit nervous about serving as a panelist. But she had many familiar faces in the crowd, including head coach Melanie Balcomb, and some Vanderbilt fans.



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