Commodore Insider Podcast: Minta Spears, Marqu'es Webb

March 29, 2017

By Zac Ellis

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Vanderbilt women’s basketball will miss Minta Spears and Marqu’es Webb. The Commodores' two departing seniors were a big part of Stephanie White’s first season as head coach. Now, as they move on to different stages in their lives, both will head to the NCAA Women’s Final Four this weekend in Dallas.

Spears, who hopes to forge a career as a basketball coach, is set to participate in a program called “So You Want To Be Coach” at the Final Four. Webb, meanwhile, plans to play professional basketball. During the season, Webb received an invitation to the ProHoops Combine that takes place this weekend in Dallas, where she can work out for WNBA coaches and general managers as well as overseas franchises.

Spears and Webb sat down with the Commodore Insider Podcast to reflect on their final season at Vanderbilt, look ahead to their post-college careers and assess the future of Commodore basketball. Plus, the duo discusses whether Stephanie White can still hoop with the young guns.



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