Women's Basketball
Duke press conference & quotes

March 19, 2012

#2 Duke vs. #7 Vanderbilt


Opening statement...
"We are excited, it was great to play. It is great to be in game two against another excellent opponent. It's amazing how good all of these opponents are at this time of year. We are really excited for this challenge. We played well, but we can play better in many spots. Most importantly we are just excited about game two and the opportunity we have in front of us."

On if she crosses paths with Vanderbilt on the recruiting trial...
"Sometimes, not lately, but sometimes. I think that both of us probably have a smaller pool that we look at. We don't look at as many student athletes, which is one of the tremendous benefits of coaching at a school like Duke or Vanderbilt. I think we probably have smaller pools that sometimes cross, but not that often."

Talk about Vanderbilt's offense...
"They are a high-powered scoring machine. They have terrific guards... their (guard) play is very solid. Number 10 (Christina Foggie) is obviously, the leading scorer in the SEC and what she has done and the kind of year she had is remarkable when you look at where she was last year to this year. I think that is an extraordinary jump. We cannot stop her, but you try to work very hard to make things more difficult, so that's a good place to start. Number 11 (guard Jasmine Lister) has the ball in her hands all the time, is very creative off of the bounce, and drives the transition when they decide to run. She is very difficult.

I am very impressed by 30 (Elan Brown) lately. I don't know why she is being left open so much, that would not be the design. She is a terrific shooter. In the post, I see the connection between 21 (Stephanie Holzer) and 34 (Tiffany Clarke). They have a high-low connection that is pretty clear and they do a great job of getting the ball into the high post and looking for each other. (Clarke) reminds me on of one of the players that played in our league. She is very heady and strong. They are a very nice team. They have all spots filled. I'm not sure that they have a weakness, maybe that they don't do 12 deep, but neither do we. I think they are an excellent team."

On the development of sophomore guard Chelsea Gray...
"Chelsea is at an interesting point in her development. To me, she is one of the top five point guards in the country, she is an All-American candidate as a sophomore, and she has that ability to just control the tempo of the game. When she is really on her game, she uses the dribble, but she uses her passing skills so well. I just think that she is one of the neatest guards to be watching given her age and given the experience that she has gained this year. Last year as a freshman, she had an injury. This year, she has really be able to play and demonstrate her ability and efficiency. If you saw her stat line from last night, there is just tremendous efficiency in her game and also a headiness that I don't think came out as much. There is a lot more that she can do in the open court and hopefully maybe we can create that opportunity.

On the challenge of playing as a #2 seed on the road...
"Nothing is fair in love and war I guess. This is women's basketball. I'm really not concerned where we play, or when we play, but just that we play and play some great basketball. We hosted last year and were sent two ranked teams as a high seed. We had Marist and Iowa State and I thought that was funny. We had one of the toughest first-second round things going. I guess what I'm saying is that it doesn't matter. The stories are old relative to what is fair and or not fair. I think if you live your life with that attitude you are not going to get too far and so for us it doesn't matter."

Haley Peters, sophomore guard/forward
On playing in Memorial Gymnasium...
"I think it was not as different as you thought it would be. After playing in the first game it didn't feel any different it was just weird when you are checking in and out. It wasn't as much of an adjustment as we thought it would be. I think we did a good job as a team getting back to the bench at timeouts, and think were pretty comfortable with it now."

On Vanderbilt's strengths...
"We spent time talking about them this morning. They are a talented team like any team we would play right now. They have great guards that can create off the dribble and shot the three. They have a couple of really good post players who control the paint well and get on the glass. We're going to focus on some their stuff out on the court today. We need to be focused to play really strong on the defensive end especially."

On playing a team on their home court...
"I think our non-conference schedule was something that has helped us all year and will really help us. Because we have played against some really good schools and really good crowds so its something we should be used to and I think we are."

On any play experience against the Vanderbilt players...
"I was recruited by Vanderbilt and visited here a few times. I know Stephanie Holzer pretty well through playing with her in AAU for two or three years. It will be a fun matchup. I think she and E (Elizabeth Williams) will be going head to head for a lot of the game. She obviously a great player, she is strong and physical and rebounds really well. She puts herself in good position to score, to rebound and get put backs. I think (Elizabeth Williams') athleticism will help a lot, but it will be a challenge for us."

Chelsea Gray, sophomore guard
On the heat playing in Memorial Gymnasium...
" The heat is something that you are not going to get adjusted to and its something you have to be mentally prepared for. I feel good right now we iced a little bit after the game and we'll stretch before."

Shay Selby, sophomore
On the heat playing in Memorial Gymnasium...
"Our plan is to take in a lot of liquid and stay hydrated throughout the game."

On playing a team on their home court...
"I think we prepared for this during ACC play. There are a lot of tough colleges throughout the ACC and think we have adjusted to it throughout our season."



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