Angela's Angle, Feb. 9

Feb. 9, 2011

Angela's Angle Archive

Last week we had two really great wins. The first was a very hard fought, low scoring victory over LSU. We matched LSU's defensive presence, which is hard to do because LSU is known across the league for its tough defense. More than just gaining the victory, I feel we are becoming a much better team. We are learning to play well together and recognize each other's strengths. We've been able to help each other get into a position to use those strengths in key parts of the game. After defeating LSU we were headed on the road to the Sunshine State ... Florida.

We had no idea what was in store for us there! Florida was coming off a tough loss to Ole Miss on Thursday so we knew they would be extra motivated for our game. No matter how far we tried to push, we could not a get a comfortable lead on the Gators ... they just would not go away. However, we weathered the storm. Vandy vs Florida looked quite different than Vandy vs LSU. For instance, after regulation the score of the Florida game was in the mid 80s. After TWO overtimes, the score was 103- 97.

The game was exhausting but our team showed GREAT toughness from top to bottom. From the five on the floor to the players off the bench, we stayed in tune and focused on the game. I must give MAJOR credit to our strength and conditioning coach, Tash. Without her, we would not have been able to sustain and endure in both of the overtimes. She is a huge part of our success...lots of hard work that pays off when it counts.

Congratulations to Stephanie for receiving the Player of the Week in the SEC. She is playing so well and I am really proud of her. She makes our post passing very easy. Go 'Dores!




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