Angela's Angle - Jan. 11

Jan. 11, 2011

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What a great week for our team! We rebounded from a tough loss at Ole Miss with two SEC wins. We still have improvement to make, but we are on the right track. In addition to two great wins, we also had two super home crowds. The support we have is tremendously helpful, because, especially in this league, having a crowd that helps give a home-court advantage is key and the faithful fans absolutely gave us that Thursday and Sunday.

Before the Auburn game Hannah was awarded a basketball for scoring her 1000th point against Deleware. What a great accomplishment for a great player. Hannah brings so much to our team. Not only does she have amazing toughness but she has such a big heart and is a great example for other players to follow. We are all so proud of her.

I cannot believe Christmas break is almost over. We begin classes on Wednesday and I am praying for more snow so perhaps we can just have one more day of freedom (just kidding, professors!)  However, that most likely will not happen so I might as well get ready now. With the beginnning of each semester comes a new excitement for several reasons. The first and most exciting thing that second semester brings is the heart of our SEC schedule. I anticipate every game and am excited when its gametime.The next reason is I get to see which cute guys are in my classes. Ok the second was kind of a joke but having new classes is always fun. The longer I am in school the more I appreciate preparing for my classes and learning things that have not been presented to me before. I know that I will not be in school forever, and according to my sister, Meredith, I need to enjoy every minute of it.

Thanks again for your support this week. It would have been hard to get our wins without you. You fans keep us going. Go 'Dores!




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