Vanderbilt-Dayton postgame quotes

Nov. 24, 2013

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Vanderbilt vs. Dayton
Nov. 24, 2013

Head Coach: Melanie Balcomb
On slow start:
"I think we did a really good job of playing through our mistakes. I think we played sloppy to start. I think we were not nervous but we had just come off of two losses, we're at home, we knew this was a good team. We were very well prepared, but at the same time, I think we were a little nervous, a little wait and see. And we threw the ball away and didn't score, and then we weren't having a lot of energy defensively. I think when I went to the bench and subbed, I think the subs gave us a lot of energy. They gave us a lot of energy all game. I think that's one of the biggest things is not just the bench scoring, we outscored them 25-8, but I told the team that we had more depth than them and that's what I needed to see; that people needed to be more focused and ready to come in and I think they were. People came off the bench, were ready to play and they made us better."

On taking the lead with the five guard lineup:
"I felt like this is a team that plays four down on one end, and even though they have a couple of big kids that they really heavily rely on, they are not low-block post players. They are very versatile and I felt like our best matchup, even in the first half when I had Morgan (Batey) and Kylee (Smith) out there, I thought that was the best matchup and that's why I let Morgan get her third foul and stay out there. I noticed right away that was a good matchup for us to use defensively with her quickness and her speed, not to try to out-physical them in any way because they are really smart basketball players."

On what was talked about since the Duke game:
"Since the Duke game, I have done a lot of talking. I really went back to spending a lot of time. We spent three hours yesterday; it's break, and we spent at least three hours, they will probably say four but just working on offense. I knew this was a team that could be capable of putting up a lot of points. Obviously, we've got to be able to score so we did a lot of different things on offense. I kept them long and we talked a lot about life to be honest with you. We talked about life lessons and we wanted to carry those over to the game, and I think it did. I think a lot of these kids really played together as a team and look to do something for somebody else."

On defense:
"This was a great shooting team with a lot of fire power, they all were averaging, I think five kids in double figures. It's legit, I felt like we wore them down, which I wanted to do. I think we made the right adjustments in our matchup that we needed to make. That's something else that we had watched on film and made a decision to go with our matchup as opposed to some things that we had been doing all year. We just stuck with it and adjusted it because I hadn't seen them play nearly as well against zones and matchups as they did in their transition. Their early offense is where they get most of their points and where they beat us last year. Rebekah Dahlman, it all starts with her. She did everything tonight that I recruited her for and it all starts with her. She picked up the basketball all night and slowed down their transition. Every time they caught it, they were never going downhill so that gave a chance for everybody else to sprint back and get into transition defense and get set in our matchup. They (Dayton) like to do a lot of screen and pop, and instead of having that post up there in man, we were in our matchup so it was easy for guards to switch. Really, just a lot of watching tape these last couple of days and I think we made a lot of good decisions in our game plan. But it doesn't matter what we as coaches decide, it matters what we can get our kids to do and that was the most fun for me to see our kids execute our game plan for 40 minutes. So everybody was in, everybody was on the bus today trying to execute, trying to do the same things and we were fun to watch."



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