Vanderbilt-Marquette postgame quotes

Nov. 17, 2013

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Coach Melanie Balcomb
On the production of Christina Foggie today:
Her first half, she had 7 boards, she was attacking the basket, she was getting to the free-throw line. The second half she didn't attack as much and we didn't attack as much. I challenged everybody at halftime to get as many rebounds as she had, and still nobody beat her first half 7. They outrebounded us by 10 in the second half and they took 12 more free throws than we did in the second half. They were the more aggressive team in the second half.

On how they managed foul trouble in the second half:
I was just rotating post players and we really ran out of post players. They limited our size and our ability, so we didn't get the ball inside. I thought this was a team we could score inside against, they play man, and yet we ended up living and dying on the three, which was probably their game plan and we didn't want (that). We wanted a game where we got more touches on the block and scored more on the block.

On why the team was less aggressive in the second half:
You will have to ask them that, because I certainly would want them to be more aggressive. The first four minutes of the second half really changed the game. They came out more aggressive after halftime and we didn't. We have to figure out why and that's something I had said at halftime. I really thought we had built confidence and we were going to continue to be the aggressor and we weren't.

On the final two minutes when Marquette pulled away:
Defense and rebounding. Where we had been scoring a lot was transition in the first half, and you didn't see a lot of that in the second because we didn't earn it on defense. We weren't able to get stops, get clean rebounds, get steals. Our defense didn't create the offense that it did in the first half. You have a team that's a lot bigger, a lot more experienced, and we ended up playing a half-court game with them, 5-on-5, and you saw the result. That's not the game we wanted to play with them. They had the advantage when it came to that, especially with the big players that we do have all being in foul trouble, or fouled out.

Heather Bowe
On Marquette's ability to neutralize post players:
"They were flashing high post a lot on defense and wheeling out, and we never really slowed them down."

On early foul trouble's effect on the game:
"It kind of hurt our momentum with every foul shot. They were in the bonus right away. We were in the bonus too, but the thing is they adjusted in the second half to the foul calls and we didn't."

On the upcoming road trip:
"It's just going to be a really big test for us. Duke is obviously a great team, so we gotta go out and be tough and aggressive against them."

Christina Foggie
On ability to get to the line:
"They were just playing aggressive defense. There were holes that were getting turned into foul calls. So, I just wanted to attack them and get to the free throw line as much as I could."

On learning from today's game:
"We need to play both halves and put in good basketball in both halves. I think in the second half Marquette was a little more aggressive than us and they were outworking us, and that's something we need to learn early on; we need to play both halves."

On first few minutes of the second half:
"We just didn't have the same energy we went into the locker room with at halftime, and they came out way more aggressive. That was the difference in the game right there, that spurt for them."

On Marquette's three-point shot before the half:
"Yeah, that's a huge play. We wanted a stop before the half, and that three-pointer, that's a lot of momentum for them going into halftime and we were never able to get that same energy back."

On Marquette's final run:
"It was the free throws. And also long, quick shots. We weren't taking the time we needed for layups, we were taking three pointers, and they were rebounding and getting down the court. We just need to relax during that time instead of just taking the quick shot."

On things to work on before the Duke game next week:
"(The biggest thing we're working on is) outworking and being tough. We can't be outworked by our opponent, we have to be the hardest working team on the court. So we'll be working on that and playing all 40 minutes instead of one half."



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