Vanderbilt-Western Kentucky postgame quotes

Nov. 11, 2013

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Vanderbilt vs. Western Kentucky

Head Coach Melanie Balcomb
On the difference between the first 15 minutes of the game and the last 25 minutes of the game:
"The other team came out very aggressive and ready to play whereas we came out flat. We were a little shell shocked at the beginning. The good thing is we made a positive change. They controlled the tempo: they went fast, we had to go fast. We then slowed it down the last four minutes going into the half. So when we switched it by going slow we were able to wear them down in the second half and take control. That's when we got the looks we needed to get."

On the vitality of Christina Foggie in the first half:
"Sometimes I take her for granted because I know she's a great shooter and she has such great experience, and I expected that. What frustrated me more was that that was our offense. I mean our offense can't be Christina Foggie shooting three's. And there were times when it was like that last year, but we're not going to do well when it happens again. The positive thing is that she was there to keep us in the game the first half and I tell her great job for doing that for us."

On Rebekah Dahlman's role in the game:
"Bekah was able to switch gears: slow down, read the defense, make the play within the offense. Bekah knows one speed, and speed on offense can't be the same speed on defense. I love how fast Bekah goes on defense but on offense she can't just try to outrace everybody. The positive is it's a good problem; I'd rather try to pull somebody back then light a fire up on them all the time. It's a good problem. She can't do it by herself, and as we got down more she was like 'I don't wanna lose' and she tried to go at it by herself. She could do that in high school but now she's got to work with four other people."

On the frustration of the adjustment of the foul calls:
"I get the whole adjustment and I'm one of them who was for it. (What) I just don't understand is all these rules are supposed to be for the offense, yet they keep calling a lot of offensive screening. And players are playing into that. I still don't get how as a referee you just can't see when a kid runs into a screen and flips back the other way, and the screener hasn't even moved and they fly off you in the other direction. There's so much faking but the faker never gets penalized. That's something I've always brought up that no one's ever got onto. All the flopping going on is still going on."

On the improvements from the past game to this game:
"We definitely improved on rebounding. You could see us rebounding. Another thing was getting out in transition. They stopped crashing which makes rebounding much easier. That's good to see. I see some of our past come up which is what we used to be, we used to be good in transition. We're running our lanes and that takes a lot of pressure off. The biggest thing we need to work on is turnovers. This game we had 18 and we keep getting one less each game. We need to keep improving because those should be under double digits."

Rebekah Dahlman
On coming out slow but finding groove later:
"First half I started out really slow. I know I talked to coach after the game and she was like `you just didn't buy in,' I agreed. But the second half I just came out really confident. I just did my thing and knocked down shots."

I know Foggie stepped up in the first half, and that seriously saved us."

Christina Foggie
On team transition after first 15 minutes:
"It was definitely a change in defensive mentality. Picking up our energy on the defensive end let us get into transition. We didn't get into transition at all during the first half, and that's a big part of our game."

On coming out hot:
"Yeah, they were just giving me open shots, and I've been trained to shoot it and knock it down. So, I just had confidence from the start."

On what they learned tonight:
"We learned a lot tonight. It's definitely a growing process. It's a long season, and tonight was great test for us to show that we have to come out ready to play, because teams are coming after us. The great thing is that we responded so well, and in the second half we kept the momentum and pushed it out even further. We definitely grew tonight, and playing a team like Western Kentucky, we learned a lot we can take to our next game."

On coming out of the game early in the second half:
"Like I said, we're a balanced cast this year. Giving minutes to everyone."



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