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Vanderbilt-Florida postgame quotes

Feb. 27, 2014

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Melanie Balcomb
On cutting Florida's lead to three late in the game but not getting any closer:
"It's happened over and over and I think it's to point where maybe we believe that's going to happen because we left shooters wide open at times when we needed to have a sense of urgency. I mean we changed every defense you could possibly change, we had more looks than we have ever given and at some point you have to stop somebody and all be on the same page. The tough thing is we keep putting ourselves in that situation and we did a great job of fighting back to get there but then we have to be able to finish it."

On Morgan Batey's foul with 42 seconds still left on the clock:
"We were all yelling not to foul. You know I had one timeout left and maybe I should have called it but I thought I was right under the basket saying 'don't foul' so I thought they were all aware and had heard it but obviously Morgan (Batey) didn't hear it."

On slow start, if it had to do with Senior Day:
"No, I don't. We have started slow in all these games, I keep trying different lineups and different defenses but we started slow again. We weren't ready to play fearless and aggressive like we are when we're down. We have to start games like that, this is the SEC. I think we have enough players on the floor that we should know that."

On now struggling as a team for this length of time:
"You know it's been different, I am in a different situation than I've been in since I've been here. We've been very creative, we've changed a lot of things and like I've said we're not aggressive and we're not attacking enough until we're down and we have nothing to lose. We are very tentative and it's hard to get them not to be so conservative and tentative. We can trap more and bring our players up more but at the end you can walk on the water but eventually they're going to have to drink it."

On difficulty of getting message across this late in the season:
"In the past it hasn't been, that is what has been difficult. It's different than any year that I've had here in February. I'm just coaching things here that I didn't coach before in February and we have two seniors, one junior, and everybody else is freshmen and sophomores. So we are a very young basketball team and it's been tough but we still shouldn't be in this situation. I don't think we should be in this situation, I'm not going to make excuses."

Senior Guard Jasmine Lister
On the slow start of the game:
"I definitely think our slow start to the game gave them confidence to hit those clutch shots at the end, and we definitely had to fight back the entire game rather than us getting a lead in the beginning and keeping it."

On the frustration of their struggles of the past season:
"I don't think it's getting to a breaking point; it's just a matter of how we recover and respond to it. It'll only hurt us if we hang our heads and mope around, having a pity party for ourselves. We can really only bounce even further from it. We just need to try to move forward into the SEC tournament with our last win."

Senior Guard Christina Foggie
On the frustration of closing down on the lead near the end and losing it again:
"I think it was just about getting a stop when we needed to; I don't think we communicated as much as we needed to, and I think they just made timely three's down in the clutch situation. I think it came down to communication on the defensive end and getting a stop when we needed it."

On Florida's energy from the start of the game:
"Oh yeah, they were definitely the aggressor from the beginning and we just can't do that. We've got to come out with an attacking mentality and not be attacked because we were calling back for the rest of the game. So we just have to make that adjustment: coming out with the fighting, aggressive mentality from the start."

On their last game in Memorial Gym:
"It's definitely a sad moment because we've had a lot of success here in Memorial Gym, but we still have a lot of basketball to be played. We've very excited about moving on to these last few games. I mean it's not over yet, so I don't feel that sad about it yet; it's kind of just on to the next game."

Florida Coach Amanda Butler
Opening comments:
"So much respect for Vanderbilt. It's just a huge win; a huge win for this time in the season. To win any game in the SEC is a monumental task, and I'm just really proud of our team rising to the occasion.

"The team nature in which we were able to do this today with balanced scoring, the same amount of assists as turnovers, and a lot of composure down the stretch just made me really, really proud of how we played."

On the early commanding lead:
"You know, we wanted to start fast. Obviously, there is a little extra energy in the air when you're honoring special players like Lister and Foggie, and we knew that emotion could be a factor. So, we wanted to make sure that we started fast and we wouldn't let them be the ones who set the tone. That was really important to us."

On importance and implications of the game:
"You know, our league is so good this year. I don't know how many games you all have been to, but there has just been incredible play every night.

"A lot of people on the outside view different wins as upsets and the fact of the matter is just everybody is really good. When you're in a league that has, easily, eight or nine postseason teams, NCAA teams, I just think that's the strength of our league this year. It's very unique. There isn't another league in the country that has what we have top to bottom.

"Huge win for us. Any win you can get is huge in this league."

On the teams resolve:
"I thought we played with a level of consistency with answering runs. You know a team like Vanderbilt is going to make big plays. Foggie is arguably the best player or scorer in the league, and she's going to do things. It was important for us to be able to answer."

"Going back through my lineup, I think it was a different player each time they cut it down to three. They hit a big three, made a big play, you know, did something for us. That makes us more difficult to guard - not relying on one person to make the plays."



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