Vanderbilt-Auburn postgame quotes

Feb. 13, 2014

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Vanderbilt Head Coach Melanie Balcomb
On carry over from last game:
"I think when you come out and allow an 8-0 run to start the game and I have to call a timeout, that's not really where you want to be on your home court after losing on national TV. I think that we had to be mad at some point and we didn't play like we were mad to start that game. And then you give them confidence and you fight back all game, but we gave them that confidence to start the game."

On second half improvements led by Christina Foggie:
"Well, Foggie's a great offensive player, but we're not gonna win a lot of games with one kid scoring. Everybody on the floor in this program can score and, if we would execute and stick to our game plan, they would score, but we're not doing a good job of sticking with our game plan."

On the emotional state in the locker room post game:
"I think, as a coach, I'm just disappointed in our execution and not being able to do the things, defensively or offensively, that we prepared for this team. I know we only had one day to prepare so, if you want to find excuses, you can. But we played this team already so it should've been something where we have enough confidence, we're on our home court and I certainly can't explain it for them."

On getting better in the second half:
"Offensively, yes. Defensively they ran the same play over and over and scored on it over and over. Offensively we scored more and executed better in the second half. Defensively, we didn't, and we let their post player just put us right underneath the basket over and over."

On moving forward:
"I have lots of thoughts. But with a game like this, if I just do a knee jerk reaction, we're in trouble. When the dust settles tomorrow morning I'll meet with my staff and we'll get a game plan and go from there. Try to figure out what we need to do to get them ready for Sunday."

Vanderbilt Guard Jasmine Lister
On Auburn controlling the tempo early:
"They came out ready to play. I don't think we came out as aggressive and intense as we should have coming off a loss."

On the emotions from Tennessee carrying over to this game:
"No I don't think so. We thought we learned from our mistakes against Tennessee but I don't think we made those adjustments in the game."

On the impact of the short turnaround:
"I don't think it affected us. We were eager to play."

On the improved offensive play in the second half:
"We came out attacking. We executed our offense. We just needed to get more stops on defense."

On the emotions of the team:
"I think we're still confident. We have a pretty good record still, it is not like our season is done. We are going to head into the next game confident."

Auburn Head Coach Terri Williams-Flournoy
On the overview of the game:
"It was a very good game for both Vandy and us. I think they fought hard and played a great game; kudos to their players. They fought hard even when they were down, even when things weren't going their way, they just continued to fight hard."

On breaking the 21-game losing streak against Vanderbilt:
"Oh I didn't even know the streak was that much. You know, it's the one thing we didn't tell our players this time, because I think they listened to it too much last time. People kept saying 'You haven't beat Vandy in so many years, you haven't beat Vandy, you haven't beat Vandy.' I said we're not listening to that anymore. Right now under me, we're 0-2 against Vandy. We're not 0-100 against Vandy, we're 0-2. And both of those games we played well enough. We went back and looked at all the reasons why we lost, and we didn't want to do that again."

On what they did differently in this game compared to the past 2 games against Vanderbilt:
"One thing we corrected today was turnovers, which we still had 11 turnovers today. But off of the turnovers they had 13 points. The last game we had 22 turnovers and they had 28 points off of that. As well as off of the free-throw line: they went 12 -19 from the free-throw line. Last time we gave them 20 points off of the free-throw line. So those were two of the biggest areas that are under our control that we could change; you can't control Vandy. Vandy is a very good team: they shoot the ball too well, they've got seniors, they've got veteran players. It was a game where we had to take care of ourselves first. I thought we did a great job of that today."



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