Vanderbilt-LSU postgame quotes

Jan. 19, 2014

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Vanderbilt vs. LSU
Sunday, January 19, 2014

Head Coach Melanie Balcomb

On Jasmine Lister's performance:
"Again I have two seniors; I mean Jasmine (Lister) and Foggie (Christina Foggie). I have two seniors playing like seniors, very composed, big down the stretch keeping the team together and then a lot of players doing their role and doing their job to the best they can at the time. So you're seeing different people step up. I thought we were really a team today and you might see two players score more than other players but we're getting a lot from a lot of different people in the starting lineup and in the bench. They are being willing to contribute in the ways that we need them too to be successful."

On different players who contributed:
"Morgan (Batey) and Kylee (Smith) tonight and the other night it was Marqu'es (Webb), you know it just depends and we have different lineups using different players that we feel like is the best and I just went with them down the stretch for defense because I knew they (LSU) would be shooting the three and spreading us out and taking us off the dribble. So that matched us up best defensively but if we needed to score we'd put Marqu'es (Webb) in and I think she's a low-post threat for us now. You know I think we have a lot of different combinations, as long as the players stay focused and keep working and improving their individual roles without limiting themselves. Kady Schrann hit big shots tonight and JJ (Jasmine Jenkins) handled the ball tonight, everybody's giving everything they can for this team and that's a sign of a good team."

On gratification of Lister's and Foggie's play:
"I'm just really proud of them, I'm proud of the way they have stayed with me and my staff and just believed in us and our game plan. They've always been in, they've been in for four years and it's paying off for them. They have done the work, they have put in the belief, and now they are obviously leading this team and passing it on, and they are flourishing. They worked hard all summer for that to happen and they've pushed each other and other people have pushed them. It's just a lot of proud times, they are playing on a whole other level and they know it. You see that confidence, you see their chest popping out and just being more confident in how they walk and carry themselves. That's really as a coach what you look for, that's what you're proud of."

On winning 13 of past 14:
"You know the rankings don't mean anything. Everybody's pre-season schedule is different so now you're seeing a lot of upsets because they don't know. Everybody's schedule is so different they really don't know who to rank. It's different than the men's game; there are not a lot of teams that can just upset BCS teams or SEC teams early. We have a bye week in front of us and that's an important time for us to get some rest, especially the guards who have been playing so many minutes but also to prepare for South Carolina. We're going to need that time, they handled us pretty well at home and I thought they just beat us at South Carolina. I don't think we beat ourselves, I think they beat us. I think it will be a good game for us after a little break, to really have time to prepare for them. It's going to be a big challenge next Sunday."

On attendance turnout:
"Very excited about the turnout, you know we have some really loyal fans here at Vanderbilt and they have been coming for years. I appreciate them but I'm not taking them for granted. But I got to tell you, to see a student section as crowded as it was today and how it was Sunday, that just makes me smile because our players have earned it. They worked really hard, we have a very good basketball team and a good program that's been very consistent winning games and now their peers are starting to come out and man it changes that environment. No offense to the loyal fans, you know they want to be entertained. These students help us; they are like a sixth man or sixth fan, as ESPN would call it. They are just cheering and the band, and the cheerleaders, and everything. It's the best atmosphere I've seen consistently these past games back to back in my 12 years here and I hope we can keep it going next Sunday."

Vanderbilt guard Christina Foggie

On being seniors this year:

"It's much different than last year. There's a leadership role that goes along with just playing. So you can't just go out there and play. You've got to count for other people on your team. It's good to have a partner to do it."

On being called the best guard duo in the SEC and living up to that expectation:
"It's not really an expectation. It's something we've naturally done because we've played 4 years together and so many minutes together. It's easy to feed off of each other. It's not forced. It's just very, very natural."

Vanderbilt guard Jasmine Lister

On being seniors this year:
"Both of us just play each game like it's our last game. Doing what we know to do to our best ability every single game because this is it. This is our last year. We have to go hard the entire time that we are out on the floor."

On Christina and her efficient shooting from the floor:
"We just both took what the defense gave us, and what the offense gave us as well. Our team just executed well and set good screens. Morgan and Kylie offensive rebounded and kicked it out, and we were ready to shoot. It's a team effort and our team did a great job of finding us shots."

LSU Coach Nikki Caldwell

On the game
"Lot of credit to Vanderbilt, especially with the leadership of Foggie and Lister. You can see their maturity, you can see their toughness on the floor and they set the tone. They completed the game plan that was put in front of them to perfection. We obviously had some decent play from certain people. I look at Danielle Ballard who did a really nice job for us, just being aggressive. But you can't just have one player be aggressive against a team like Vanderbilt." 

On her keys to the game:
"Our keys coming in to the game, defensively, having the awareness of where Foggie and Lister are at all times. We missed our coverage, we missed guarding them even after we guarded their set plays. It was their play action after that that we did not do a good job on." 

On comparing Vanderbilt and Tennessee:
"Well you've got teams that are strong in their guard play, when you talk about [Ariel] Massengale and Meighan Simmons from Tennessee. You look at those two, and they're two of the best guards in the country and conference, as are Lister and Foggie. I feel as though Foggie and Lister have a connection with each other, and they play off of each other very well and they complement each other. Tennessee is a team that has size, but you can't underestimate what Coach Balcomb is going to bring year in and year out. Even with their size, they play bigger than they are, and stronger, and tougher. There are some similarities in what they do, but I think that Vanderbilt has shown, by beating and us and Tennessee that their team on that given night was a better team." 

LSU forward Theresa Plaisance

On the game:
"Coming into this game we knew Vandy was a great team, at the top of the SEC. Not a lot of size, but they work hard like Coach said. We expected a dog fight in here. They did a great job getting stops on the defensive end and turning around and converting with offensive rebounds to threes or penetrate and kicks. We just dug ourselves into a hole because we couldn't stop the offensive run and couldn't capitalize on the defensive end. When we finally started to come back I think it was a bit too late, especially against a team like Vanderbilt who, especially in that stretch of the game, is very tough, very intelligent, and knows where to go with the ball." 

On Christina Foggie and Jasmine Lister:
"Coming in [to college] in the same year as them, freshman year it was Foggie and Lister, that's all you'd hear about coming from Vanderbilt. Year after year they just continued to grow each other's game and play off each other so well. I don't think you'll find another senior guard duo in the country as good as Foggie and Lister. They're pretty amazing."



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