Quick Slant


    Baseball dinner a smashing success

    Quick Slant touches upon the enormous crowd at the Baseball Dinner, the passing of two gridiron greats and another honor for Perry Wallace.

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    PGA Tour kind to ex-Commodores

    Quick Slant mentions PGA Tour success by multiple Commodores, the Perry Wallace biography, the loss of a popular usher and the power of pundits.

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    Gragg returning to discuss his book

    Quick Slant mentions Tulsa's Athletic Director, the return of a prominent sports writer and David Williams' latest speaking engagement.

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    Slant: Baseball success, leadership, facilities

    Quick Slant mentions Major League Baseball's feature on the 'Dores, our fabulous indoor track facility and leadership books.

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    Quick Slant: Remembering a good man

    Quicvk Slant touches upon the men's basketball season, a big honor for a tennis alum, the death of Coach Mac and the departure of a valuable staff ...

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    Much interest in marketing director search

    Quick Slant discusses the popularity of the department's current director of marketing search, the change of pace during the holiday season and...

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