Quick Slant: Four-team playoff would be interesting this year

Dec. 13, 2013

Quick Slant is an array of brief insights and occasionally opinionated overviews of collegiate athletics in general and the Vanderbilt Commodores in particular.

With final exams and many teams having mid-year schedule breaks, this week typically has an uneven pace. In one corner, our team planning for the BBVA Compass Bowl is hustling and certain sport coaches are on the recruiting trail non-stop. In other areas, there is a brief off-season where the rhythm of the sport slows to gradually build back to full fury by early January.

Hurrah to ex-Vandy golfer Megan Grehan for earning her LPGA card for 2014. Grehan played on the Ladies European Tour in 2013 and joins Marina Alex and Jacqui Concolino on the tour.

Anybody eager to junk the current BCS system for a four-team playoff might wonder what chaos would have happened had the upcoming new system been in effect this year. We could have figured out that Florida State, Auburn and Alabama would fill three slots without too much argument but someone will need to explain how choosing between the conference champions of the Pac-12 (Stanford), Big 12 (Baylor) and Big Ten (Michigan State) for the fourth spot would have been less problematic than what we have now. Quick Slant has always maintained that if the pundits think there is controversy now, just wait till even more teams get added to the mix. Soon there will be howls to add four more; unlike basketball, football is not a tournament game.

Tongue-in-cheek new rule suggestion: the only people allowed to critique the worthiness of our bowl game sites will be the ones buying tickets and attending the game. Next year's potential bowl options are always paying attention to a school's ability to produce a huge crowd. We hope you can find your way to Birmingham, have some fun and enjoy a good football game.

Humorous depending upon one's point of view: Auburn fan walks up to an Alabama fan: "Got a second? I have something I want to run by you."



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