Quick Slant
Quick Slant: Multipurpose facility impresses

Nov. 8, 2013

Quick Slant is an array of brief insights and occasionally opinionated overviews of collegiate athletics in general and the Vanderbilt Commodores in particular.

Oh, the people you meet when you are an SEC athlete! Two weeks ago our women's golf team played in a west coast tournament. On the day prior to the actual start, normally a practice day, there was a College-Am with high profile women of accomplishment playing in each foursome. Vandy's group included Catherine R. Kinney, who from 2002-2008 was the New York Stock Exchange President and Co-Chief Operating Officer. Commodore sophomore Jenny Hahn was still talking about what she learned from Ms. Kinney days after returning to campus. By the way, Condoleezza Rice hosted the tournament and played 18 holes with her Stanford team. (Side note: we're told that nearly all those VIP women requested to play with Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Stanford and Duke in a big field that included many state schools!)

In case you haven't followed the most recent NCAA golf rankings, as the fall portion of the schedule comes to a close, our women's team is rated 15th and the men are 20th and finished their autumn with a championship at North Florida's tournament in Jacksonville.

All new facilities are terrific but not all exceed the imagination. Hawkins Field turned out better than most hoped, our Golf House at the Vanderbilt Legends Club seems flawless and so does our tremendous multipurpose wing of the Recreation Center project. Nearly everyone walks a few steps into the area and then stops to slowly take in the spectacular design and construction.

Relay for Life is an organization that raises money for cancer research. One of Vanderbilt's sororities supports the Relay for Life and in turn, Commodore bowler Nicole Chanin is a member of that sorority and got her bowling teammates to help raise over $2,000. These instances are commonplace throughout our department; so many that often it is only by chance that we even know about them. The bowlers were not participating to attract publicity, they simply wanted to contribute.



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