Quick Slant: Williams reappointed chair of infractions committee

Aug. 8, 2014

David Williams has been reappointed chair of the Division I Infractions Appeals Committee by the NCAA's Board of Directors. His new term runs until September 1, 2017.

The national news is full of articles about the expected changes in the NCAA structure, particularly the likely split between the "Big 5" conferences (SEC, ACC, Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12) and all others. It is a complicated topic with as many variances in opinion as people offering them. I'm trying to sort out my own feelings but in an over-simplified nutshell, I absolutely disagree with the statement that college athletics are "rolling in cash" while at the same time shaking my head at a few of the anecdotes you hear about that illustrate the seemingly over-the-top changes some schools are making to stay competitive. I plan to write a column on this in an upcoming issue of Commodore Nation.

Speaking of a changing sports world, we now have some coaches recruiting internationally. This weekend our women's golf coaches, who guided their program to the SEC Championship last spring, will fly to Northern Ireland for a major European tournament while our bowling coaches travel to Hong Kong for the World Junior Championship. Every coach would naturally prefer to field a team of home-towners or home-staters but there is outstanding talent in distant lands eager to come to the States for a mix of great education and competition. This might be fodder for yet another longer column.

We have an exhibition soccer game against UAB Aug. 14. What makes it special is that's the day the SEC Network launches and this exhibition will be shown in part on the digital network.

Don't forget Dore Jam this Sunday afternoon - this time in the fabulous multipurpose facility so no worries about heat and/or rain.

The start of a school year invokes a wide variety of thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams for all ages. My three grandkids started school last Monday; Chase is a sixth grader, Rylie started fourth grade and Tyler finally got to be in kindergarten after waiting his whole life to be old enough to go. My daughter asked each one if there was something they needed as the year began: Chase thought he could use a few more socks, Rylie wondered if she needed some clothes and Tyler - so eager to be a big guy - thought a minute and said "I could use some homework!"



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