Quick Slant: Star V is prevalent in the stands

June 13, 2014

Quick Slant is an array of brief insights and occasionally opinionated overviews of collegiate athletics in general and the Vanderbilt Commodores in particular.

It is so encouraging to notice what Vanderbilt fans wear to the ball games these days. Darn near everyone has that Star V mark on something - a hat, shirt, belt or even pants. Even those that might not have the logoed item usually show up in proper colors. We have come a long way as a fan base in the last decade.

A Quick shout out to the loyal fans that watched the Regionals and Super Regionals from the top floors of the parking deck. If the team could have given you high-fives they would have!

The athletic department had an informal send-off Wednesday morning for triple jumper Simone Charley as she left campus to compete at this weekend's NCAA Championships. The send-off, held at the Towers Dormitory, several blocks from McGugin, attracted about 30 staffers including football coach Derek Mason and half-dozen members of his coaching staff. That is unusual enough to merit mention but typical of how this staff supports all programs.

John Williamson, our head bowling coach, spent several hours last Saturday running in the "Tough Mudder," a grueling 10.2 mile, military style run over muddy terrain, under and over 22 various obstacles, through live electrical fields, a 34-degree pond and apparently any other challenging thing the organizers can dream up. He trained for months and said it was the hardest physical thing he ever accomplished. If he sounds nuts, our ticket office has Tough Mudder veterans in Michael West and Daniel Loxley, both apparently of sound mind and certainly body. The Tough Mudder travels to different sites in the country, attracting thousands of runners at each stop.



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