Quick Slant: Big baseball series at Hawkins Field

March 13, 2014

Quick Slant is an array of brief insights and occasionally opinionated overviews of collegiate athletics in general and the Vanderbilt Commodores in particular.

This weekend's home baseball series with LSU is something special. Scouts from every Major League team will attend. Not only does it pit two SEC and national powers in an early-season showdown, for those lucky enough to have a ticket, the Friday night game is a chance to watch first-team All-America pitchers Aaron Nola of LSU dual our own Tyler Beede. It has been suggested this could be college baseball's regular season game of the year as Beede and Nola are expected to be chosen within the first couple of picks in this summer's draft. We have added temporary bleachers in the left-center outfield and as of this writing there were very few seats left for any of the games - a few more remaining for Sunday's game. Saturday's game is televised by FSN.

It's was a tough season on and off the basketball court. The women still expect to receive an invitation to the NCAA Tournament but the guys are done, having endured consecutive losing seasons for the first time in almost 30 years. There are some doom and gloomers but we were here for the last drought and so was Coach C.M. Newton, an unheralded redshirt named Will Perdue and some promising newcomers. We regained the magic then and we can and will once again.

A while back we had a little fun calling for new donors to the National Commodore Club from five non-participating states so that the NCC could have membership in all 50. The list has shrunk to one and now we are looking for a donor (s) from the state of North Dakota. We have donors in 49 other states, where are you North Dakota? There must be an alum, parent or friend in Fargo or Bismarck or Minot or Valley City! Somebody working in the booming oil biz perhaps. Maybe a coach on the championship football team at NDSU? Anyone! C'mon, make it happen and become famous in Quick Slant!

We've mentioned bowling in this space last week and the team responded by winning their home tournament against 19 of the top 20 rated teams in the country. They also registered a perfect game, just the third in 10 years. Bowling is misunderstood by most of the sports world, but suffice to say that watching a perfect game unfold in bowling is every bit as exciting (and difficult to achieve) as any other masterpiece in any other sport.



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