Quick Slant: Vanderbilt's economic impact

Feb. 22, 2013

Quick Slant is an array of brief insights and occasionally opinionated overviews of collegiate athletics in general and the Vanderbilt Commodores in particular.

Did you catch the story that Vanderbilt University had an $8.6 billion impact on the Tennessee state economy during fiscal year 2011-12? An independent economic analysis calculated many factors including Vanderbilt's direct spending on operations and construction, spending by students and visitors, and spending by businesses as a result of Vanderbilt's presence in the state. Among the other components were approximately 625,000 annual athletic-related campus visitors, folks who come to ball games, camps, special events in our facilities and so forth. Athletics and the Vanderbilt Medical Center attract the most guests to campus.

Wanted to make sure you have the Black and Gold game on your calendar for April 13. There are actually two big events on campus that day; our baseball team has a televised game with Missouri with the first pitch at 4:00, dove-tailing nicely with football's 1 o'clock kick.

Lately it's not an official Quick Slant without a Brandt Snedeker mention. How about this one! Brandt was back in Nashville this week and spent an "awesome" hour talking to our men's golf team. How many teams get the inside scoop from the world's fourth-ranked professional?

We have sold nearly 1,800 season baseball tickets, more than any prior season. Before we added the outfield bleachers we actually cut off sales so that there would always be at least a limited number of single game tickets for each game. We wanted to expand our fan base that way. We have on-going conversations about ways to make the outfield viewing experience better, a la concessions, souvenir sales, special promotions and so forth.

We walked by our Olympic sport strength and conditioning center before dawn the other day and watched one of our teams working out. It's a good bet that most fans never stop to think that every team - men's and women's - has designated workout times during the week to pump iron and do various flexibility and aerobic drills. The workouts vary according to what the sport or individual requires; bowlers don't do exactly what the tennis or soccer teams do, for instance. It's an impressive sight to see the pre-dawn work; the Commodores are out the door heading for class before many of their non-athletic buddies are out of the sack.



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