Quick Slant: Big game ticket reminders

Feb. 9, 2012

Quick Slant is an array of brief insights and occasionally opinionated overviews of collegiate athletics in general and the Vanderbilt Commodores in particular.

If there is one thing certain as we approach a big game, it's that there will be some shenanigans concerning game tickets. Earlier this week every men's basketball season ticket holder for whom we had an e-address was cautioned that it is our policy not to reprint game tickets on game day. Why? We get a few more "the dog ate my homework" stories about tickets anytime someone realizes that the demand for tickets is great. Unfortunately with a looser reprint policy it was demonstrated that too many "lost" ticket stories were phony.

Speaking of phony, we want to caution fans to be very aware that there are occasionally counterfeit or otherwise bogus tickets on sale on the street or in various secondary markets. Know that the only tickets that are reliably safe are those that were purchased through our own box office. Rest assured that Saturday night some unlucky souls will be turned away - unhappy - because the tickets they just bought from some seemingly honest guy on a street corner were fake. The ticket may look and feel real and yet be worthless. Buyer Beware!

Speaking of tickets, Vanderbilt football fans renewing their 2011 season tickets have until Feb. 29 to take advantage of early-bird pricing. As of March 1 fans can no longer renew at last year's price.

I'm not sure about you but I admit I didn't realize just how high Jeff Taylor sits on a number of our basketball career charts. Last night, he moved past Phil Cox for third place (1,742) on our all-time scoring list and could end up second to Shan Foster (2,011). Jeff is also 10th in career steals, fifth in made free throws, fourth in free throw attempts and right now is eighth in career rebounding. Not a shabby body of work.

We know many of you really enjoyed last week's National Letter of Intent Day football section on this website. We know that because that page recorded the ninth most traffic among all CBS-hosted websites - more than many of the huge, state school powerhouses. When the day was done, our page had 58,218 impressions - a testament to the hard work and excellent production of our communications team led by football guru Larry Leathers and online aces Ryan Schulz and Brandon Barca.

Kudos to All-America senior bowler Brittni Hamilton, whose perfect game 300 last weekend was the first in the history of our very successful program. How good is Hamilton? Last year the Bowling Writers of America named her the National Female Amateur of the Year - not collegiate mind you - all females, all ages!



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