Quick Slant: Balcomb approaching milestone

Jan. 11, 2013

Quick Slant is an array of brief insights and occasionally opinionated overviews of collegiate athletics in general and the Vanderbilt Commodores in particular.

MILESTONE: You will see much more about Melanie Balcomb's victory milestones in a couple weeks when she is zeroing in on yet other big ones but our women's basketball win at Ole Miss was Coach Balcomb's 250th at Vanderbilt. She has won games at a faster clip than any coach in our women's program.

Scotti Madison, the former Vandy baseball All-American and member of our Hall of Fame Class of 2012, has written a very interesting book on his experiences in the minor league, a delightful memoir titled "A Phone Call Away". Funny, light-reading and unique; we liked it and know many of you will, too. Scotti is almost as gifted a writer and story teller as he was a ballplayer. You can order the book online.

Here's a compliance reminder for just a small percentage of our fans. Most of you reading this are defined as a booster by the NCAA so you are not allowed to interact with a recruit or a recruit's family, including via social media. We realize it is now easy to do this these days and that other fans might be doing so but it could become a violation. No one wants to spoil the hard work of our coaches by unintentionally doing something out of line.

Baseball's Omaha Challenge has been an annual event during the Tim Corbin era, an intra-team fitness competition on the eve of the start of spring ball. But while it has a competitive and sometimes entertaining component, it is a grueling test of strength and stamina and its very name connotes its importance within the program.

Quick Slant has long been an ardent supporter of the controversial BCS playoff system and we still are. That said, it is really hard to believe that Notre Dame should have been in the title game. Yes, the Irish were unbeaten but did you check out their schedule and did you watch the game? They were clearly in over their heads. There are a handful of SEC teams that probably could have done the same thing to the proud and high class, over-achieving Notre Dame team. Many have noted that the de facto title game has become the SEC Championship game.



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