Summer Scoop: Andrew Bachman

July 10, 2013

Andrew Bachman, a rising junior on Vanderbilt's cross country team, is working in Seattle, Wash., this summer for Microsoft. Along with his impressive job, Bachman enjoys exploring Seattle and staying active. Bachman is looking forward to competing again with his teammates in the fall after he was forced to miss competition in the spring, and is excited about the Commodores' potential to have their best season yet.

Liz Anderson: You are working in Seattle this summer for Microsoft. What does your typical day entail?

Andrew Bachman: A typical day starts between 8:45 and 9:30 a.m. when I arrive at work. I typically have at least one meeting over the course of the day, but the majority of my time is spent on my project until 5 or 6 p.m. I usually go for a run, and then go lift or play basketball, golf, or racquetball with other interns. I like the fact that I am working on a project that is important to the company. I think it is really cool that in a company as big as Microsoft, I am able to work on a feature that will be visible to customers and used by a lot of people.

LA: Where are you living? Is Seattle as rainy as people say it is?

AB: I'm living in a two-bedroom apartment in Redmond, Washington. Redmond is about 25 minutes from downtown Seattle and about two miles from work. Since I didn't know the other interns prior to coming to Seattle, I opted to live in corporate housing and was assigned another intern as a roommate from Tufts University in Boston. I've been lucky when it comes to the weather so far. There have been a couple of rainy weeks, but the weather has been awesome most of the time.

LA: How did you find this job?

AB: This job was just one that I stumbled across online. I thought it might be a cool place to work, so I threw in my application. I really didn't know much about it when I applied and didn't expect much. In January, the Microsoft recruiter for Vanderbilt contacted me and eventually I had an interview on Microsoft's campus. The more I learned about the internship program at Microsoft, the more excited I got about the opportunity. When I finally found out that I had an offer in March, there was no question that this was what I wanted to do.

LA: Is this something you see yourself doing after college?

AB: This is definitely something I could see myself doing after college. I really had no idea what to expect, but it has been a great summer. Microsoft is a proven leader in the technology field, and this is a really exciting time to be a part of the company and in the technology industry. I also have really enjoyed the projects and the people.

LA: Have you even been to Seattle before? What's something cool you have done in the city?

AB: This is the first time I have been to Seattle, besides the two days I was here to interview. My favorite thing that I have done in the city is going to a Seattle Sounders soccer game. I'm not much of a soccer fan and had never been to a professional soccer game. I didn't really think anybody was that into American professional soccer. I was surprised at how many people were at the game (they almost filled the Seahawks' stadium, CenturyLink Field), and their level of enthusiasm.

LA: When you aren't working, what have you been able to do?

AB: I have enjoyed exploring different outdoor activities during the weekends or after work. I went to a nearby mountain to go snowboarding one of the first weeks I was in Seattle. I've also hiked and explored different mountains and parks close to the city. Seattle also has a lot of water, so I go kayaking and sailing, as well as just hanging out on the beach. It has been awesome having all of these different things so close to the city, and luckily the weather has been perfect to allow me to do all of it.

LA: From what I remember Seattle is runner-friendly. Have you found any cool running trails or parks that you enjoy?

AB: Seattle is a great city for runners. There are a lot of cool parks that are very convenient and have great trails, and the temperature is usually pretty cool which makes running much easier. My favorite park is just a couple of miles from my apartment, so I can start my runs there and still do the majority of it on dirt trails in the shade of a forest. There are also bigger parks nearby that I have been able to explore during my long runs.

LA: Have you been keeping up with the men's team this summer? What are you most excited for regarding the upcoming season? How are you able to stay motivated to run when you are so busy?

AB: I am pretty miserable about keeping in touch with people, but I talk to some of the guys and we have Google Docs so we can keep up with training. After missing the spring track meets, I am really looking forward to just racing again. I am also very excited to see how everyone can continue to improve next season. Last year, there were a couple of teams at SECs that weren't too far ahead of us, so hopefully we can continue to improve and catch more teams. The biggest motivation for me is knowing we have a good chance to improve from last year, and no matter how many other things I have going on, I want to make sure I come back in good shape so I can contribute to the team.

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