SEC Tournament: Day 3 Quotes

April 18, 2014

2014 SEC Men's Tennis Tournament
Nashville, Tenn.
Currey Tennis Center

Day 3 Quotes
No. 3 Kentucky 4, No. 11 Ole Miss 2

Kentucky Head Coach Cedric Kauffmann
On the match:
"Any win in the tournament is a good win. We knew that Ole Miss is a very dangerous team the last two to three weeks. They took out A&M and Tennessee, so they took out two top 18 teams. I thought they were coming in confident, so it's a very good win for us.

"I'm very proud of my five and six (players) today. I thought they closed their matches out the way they needed to for us to get to three and put a little bit of pressure on them (Ole Miss)."

On Alejandro Gomez clinching the match:
"I'm very, very proud of my captain. He played great under pressure, bounced back after losing the first set, played with energy, and then had some guts to close it out."

Ole Miss Head Coach Billy Chadwick
On the match:
"I thought that we played well in singles, but they did too. They are a very tough group and they are a very emotional group, and they deserved the victory."

No. 2 Texas A&M 4, No. 7 South Carolina 1

Texas A&M Head Coach Steve Denton
On the match:
"In all these matches, the doubles is always a key point. I thought we played pretty solid in the doubles today which gave us a little cushion, and then our guys did a good job. We like playing here. Our guys did a good job taking control of the match, winning the first sets and putting the pressure on them."

On facing Kentucky Saturday:
"It's going to be a good match. Obviously, they are a pretty good team, and we're looking forward to it. I know that they were able to get us at their place earlier in the year, and we'll see how much we've improved over this last month and a half."

South Carolina Head Coach Josh Goffi
On the match:
"It was there for the taking and we just didn't take advantage of some of those points that were really 100 percent there to get, and would have swung the match our way."

On Texas A&M:
Texas A&M is a good team, they really are, but we're a good team also. I think our team finally realized that at the end and made a good push but unfortunately it was a little too late."

No. 8 Vanderbilt 4, No. 1 Georgia 2

Vanderbilt Head Coach Ian Duvenhage
On the team's effort:
"There was just a great team effort all the way around, that was the most professional I've ever seen them play. That was one of the best tennis match I've ever coached. From the get go in doubles, we competed well, we had great attitudes. In singles, ditto. If we were to give out game balls there were so many game balls to be given out today. Ryan and AJ coming through the tiebreaker in doubles to clinch the doubles. And then in singles, I can't just say enough about that. Ryan hanging in there making that second set close and AJ finds a way to win in straight sets which then helps our momentum. Then Rhys, after dropping the first set, coming in and finding a way to win. (Ryan Smith), he's played two duel matches before today and we just had a feeling it was time to put him in there and see how he would do. Putting him up against Georgia, he just came through with flying colors. Kris Yee also helped take the wind out of their sails after coming up 3-0. It was just all the way around a great effort."

On coming back from losing the first few sets:
"We've talked about that a lot. We've played some great matches this year and we've talked about that fact that we've unfortunately had bad ones and we need to learn to be consistent. We need to learn to be consistent in doing a few in a row. Yesterday, we beat a good team in Auburn and today we knocked off Georgia so we're growing up. I'm really proud in what our team did today."

Georgia Head Coach Manuel Diaz
On the match:
"Vanderbilt just outplayed us. In the key moments as well as the singles they were just better today. They seemed to be more comfortable in those important moments, and they just outperformed us. There is no other way about it. They played better than we did today. They deserve to win, and we're just going to have to regroup and try to play better tennis. We just didn't play well enough to win today."

No. 4 Florida, No. 13 LSU

Florida Head Coach Bryan Shelton
On the match:
"I think the doubles was the key to the overall match. We were down a break at No. 1 doubles, 6-5, and then once we broke back, Gordon and Flo just really seized the momentum and never relinquished it. We did the same thing on court three. Diego and Mike really raised their level of play at the end of that match because that was quality tennis. For them, that was great and obviously for the team to get the first point was huge. We were able to carry that momentum into the singles. I thought it was fitting that Diego was the one clinching today on his 21st birthday. I'm so happy for him. He played aggressively and he picked his times to get to the net and finish, and he did that really well tonight. It was a great team win over a really good LSU team and we created an opportunity for ourselves tomorrow."


"I think our attitude was great. I felt like the guys were mentally prepared to play today and they came with a great, competitive spirit. They were willing to go out there and execute game plans, which I thought we did up and down the line. Overall, I felt like we played great tennis."

LSU Head Coach Jeff Brown
On the match:
"It was a really high level doubles point to start the match. We were able to take care of what ended up being a mismatch at two, and then they ended up getting one, which left a really high level three double point. It was one of the highest doubles matches I've seen, they traded back and forth, that led to them certainly having momentum. For us it was a little more of an uphill climb. It was probably more important for us to get the doubles point more so than them. But they are a very good team, they have a good line up, it was going to be hard either way. We did really good here with the 2 wins, giving us an opportunity to potentially be in the NCAA tournament so that was certainly our goal coming in, and Florida was a little too big of a hill to climb."

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