SEC Tournament: Day 2 Quotes

April 17, 2014

2014 SEC Men's Tennis Tournament
Nashville, Tenn.
Currey Tennis Center

Day 2 Quotes
No. 11 Ole Miss 4, No. 6 Tennessee 2

Ole Miss Head Coach Billy Chadwick
On the match:
"Exactly what we expected. Every single match in the conference, the margins are so small, it comes down to one or two hits to the ball. I'll give them credit, (Jarryd) Chaplin at 3, in the tiebreaker really played great. He was all on it, putting pressure on us. I felt like we won that one when we had some great hits and break points on us the first game of the third. (Stefan Lindmark) wormed our way through that one and then we found our game.

How much did winning the doubles set the tone:
"The doubles was huge. They had a match point in the doubles. Like all the doubles are, they're very, very close. I would like to give a shout out to senior Johan Backstrom. He really played well. He beat a good player, (Bartosz Sawicki) in straight sets. And then a great job all year long by our No. 1 player Nik Scholtz. He may be the premier player of the league."

Tennessee Head Coach Sam Winterbotham
On the match:
"I think it was two informed teams that came into the tournament on a bit of win streak and playing better tennis. I think it came down to the doubles. To be honest, we were just a little tighter than them in the big moments. [Ole Miss] handled themselves just a little bit better than us today. We knew it was going to be a battle, so congratulations to Ole Miss. We'll regroup and get ready for the NCAAs."

No. 7 South Carolina 4, No. 10 Alabama 1

South Carolina Head Coach Josh Goffi
On asserting themselves early:
"Two and three doubles took control of their matches immediately, and that set the tone for the day. The rest of the team seeing that our No. 3 doubles is coming through and was up a break early gave everyone confidence and took the pressure off. The doubles point was the key to the match. We felt like, if we got that, we could take care of singles with the lower part of our lineup, which came through at 4, 5 and 6. It was going to get sticky if we didn't take care of doubles."

On pressure on freshman Andrew Schafer to decide the match:
"Anyone watching the match could see that Andrew (Schafer) was tight. But, it's pressure he needs to be under to be a great player. Because of the way he plays, he's always the one wrapping things up for us. But, he did well to close it out. He slipped a little bit at 4-Love, but he stepped back and got more aggressive to get the win."

On playing Texas A&M tomorrow:
"We have zero pressure going into tomorrow, and the guys are excited to get out there and play. Texas A&M is one of the teams this season that we feel like we have to redeem ourselves against. We didn't really show up against them earlier this year. Tomorrow, we want to make it a war. That's our goal. Make it a war."

Alabama Head Coach George Husack
On the match:
"It was a tough match. South Carolina executed better than we did. At the end of the day, I think the better team won. It was tough for us not winning the doubles point where we've excelled. South Carolina's tough, period."

No. 8 Vanderbilt 4, No. 9 Auburn 0

Vanderbilt Head Coach Ian Duvenhage
On the match:
"We talked a lot after our loss against South Carolina about the importance of being ready to play right from the get go, and I thought our guys did a really good job today. They responded to the challenge that the coaches gave them which is to really play from the first point on. Doubles really set the tone for that, and I thought we came out in singles again, and we were ready from the get go. When you do that, you get momentum on your side. So I thought we did a good job."

On facing Georgia in the quarterfinals Friday:
"What could be better? They're SEC regular season champs, they're top 10 in the country, they're one of the great programs in the nation, and we get to play them at our place tomorrow so I'm looking forward to it."

Vanderbilt Junior Gonzales Austin
On singles:
"I don't think I was hitting the ball well throughout the first set. I was mentally prepared to battle, whatever came my way, I was ready to deal with. Some of my forehands weren't falling and that's always frustrating, but I just stayed with it. I went down a break 4-2 in the first, he had a game point and I fought through that game and got the break back. I just held serve throughout and, in the breaker, I just looked for my opportunities and went after it. In the second set, I just started playing a lot better. I just started moving way better. I saw the other courts getting off and I decided to try to get that clinch in there."

On Friday's match against Georgia:
"They're really good. They're really tough at every position. They expect to win all the time, and that's something that you can't really take away from them. When we played them, we were close in doubles and close in a lot of matches in singles. I think the difference is going to be that we're at home and we've got the energy here. They're really solid, but we have all the talent we need to get through that one."

Auburn Head Coach Eric Shore
On the match:
"I thought that Vanderbilt was ready at the start of doubles and we got off to a slow start, we dug ourselves too big of a hole there. In certain spots, we're not competing well enough, not getting it done. We'll get down 2-0 too quick and it's too big a fight back. Disappointing effort today."

No. 13 LSU 4, No. 5 Mississippi State 2

Mississippi State Head Coach Per Nilsson
On the match:
"LSU was better than us. They blew us out in three matches. We have to show up and play better than that. They did a good job, they won the crucial doubles point and that was a big one."

On having to sit Malte Stropp due to injury:
"He's our team captain and probably our strongest point and it hurts us, but we did it earlier in the year as well and we came through. Today we just didn't show up."

LSU Head Coach Jeff Brown
On the match:
"There was a lot of pressure on the team with a lot of things going on. If we would've lost we wouldn't have made the NCAA Tournament, and now we have a shot. With the .500 rule, we would've been below that, and that's a scary thing. We also had to have a major win over a very good team, so those are some of thoughts in the coaches' heads. The players didn't think about all that stuff, but they did a great job of jumping on them in doubles early, then the three guys who ended up winning did a great job in the beginning of the singles."

On playing two matches in two days:
"These courts are a little slower than most, they're actually similar to Mississippi State's. Still, I think it does sometimes help you in the tournament if you've got a team that is fit enough and the weather's not a huge factor, which I don't think it really was. We definitely gained a little confidence yesterday, but there was still a lot of pressure today that the guys had to work through so I'm very proud of them."


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