My Game: Kris Yee

April 8, 2014

Kris Yee is a sophomore on the men’s tennis team who was named to the All-SEC Freshman Team last year. In his free time, the film studies major from Las Vegas enjoys editing homemade films, making new creations for YouTube and impressing his teammates with his dance moves.

Commodore Nation: What do you want to do after you graduate?

Kris Yee: After I graduate, at least with film studies, the first thing I want to look into is getting better at editing and digital effects. I’ve been editing since I was 15 after my friend showed me, and we made like one YouTube video. He showed me how to edit, and I learned the rest by myself by watching YouTube videos and how to edit well.

CN: Have you made your own movies?

Yee: I did edit a small, 12-minute film. It was a horror. I have done some small individual projects. I did one piece that was inspired by Slender Man. It’s not super popular, but if you’re on the internet, you can’t not find it. It is this tall, scary, white-faced guy that sneaks up behind you. You never see him, but he is always behind you. So I try to do something like that on the campus. I had a friend wear a white beanie, and we pulled it down over her face. In the very last scene, she pops out and screams and you get scared. I think the best part of it was faking out people a million times until it actually happened.

CN: Have you always been into horror movies?

Yee: I saw one “Saw” film and it freaked me out so much that I didn’t think I would want to do stuff like that. It is a little easy, but, at the same time, there is also a lot of creativity with it. The more suspense and the better you are at creating suspense and anticipation, the better your horror film is. It is really easy to scare someone. You just pop out and go, “Ah!” And they are going to freak out. But, if you can not make them know when they’re going to get scared, then I feel like it is a better horror film.

CN: Any particular genre you want to go in?

Yee: I’m a big fan of comedy. I feel like comedy is really hard to edit. If you give too much visual information without the right audible information in the film, it could go horrible. So anything that would be challenging. Anything that is written well, I like editing.

CN: You dance as well. What type of dancing?

Yee: I guess you would call it hip-hop. I’m not really sure. I used to watch “America’s Best Dance Group” all the time. I got super into it, so I would watch the video and teach myself.

CN: Do your teammates tease you?

Yee: No, actually. If they’ll play a song some of the guys will stare at me and see if I’ll start dancing. Sometimes I’ll hear a song, and I’ll twitch a little bit to it like I’m wanting to dance and they’ll stop and stare.

CN: Is it just natural for you?

Yee: It used to not be. I remember a time where my sister used to make fun of me for dancing. I think I was actually pretty bad. Repeated mirror practice made it better.



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