#MusicMonday with Zack Jaworski

Oct. 21, 2013

Zack Jaworski is a sophomore on the men's golf team from Alpharetta, Ga. His taste in music is definitely not what you'd expect from a Georgia boy, but that's what makes it interesting.

"The two songs I would pick to have put in the playlist would be 'Levels' (Skrillex Remix) and 'Mammoth' by Dimitri Vegas," Jaworski said. "These choices are probably a little different from what most people will be giving in respect to the genre of music that gets them pumped up or they listen to on a regular basis, but I'm from Atlanta and it's pretty big around where I grew up.I first heard electronic dance music, or more specifically dubstep, in high school. The creativity and energy in the music is really what draws me to listening to it day after day."

These two tracks will definitely get you pumped on a Monday. Make sure to check out our #MusicMonday playlist on the VUCommodores Spotify account to see our previous and future picks.

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