Quick Slant: Importance of bowl attendance

Nov. 30, 2012

Quick Slant is an array of brief insights and occasionally opinionated overviews of collegiate athletics in general and the Vanderbilt Commodores in particular.

We learned the other day that at least one of the bowls considering us was calling the ticket offices of our road opponents to find out how many tickets we sold to those games. We mention this to emphasize the importance of attending our bowl game in person. Not in spirit; not inviting the neighbors over to grill and watch on television - in person. Does your attendance matter? Only if you want to help get a big monkey off your school's back. We have a reputation of not supporting our team well away from campus, which gives many bowl selection committees the creeps. Once we can prove beyond a doubt to bowl committees that inviting Vanderbilt is not a huge risk on their part, our future bowl fates will be better.

HELP NEEDED: Encourage your buddies to please buy their bowl tickets through us, even if they think they might find a little better location or save a buck through another means. Buying from our block is the only way we can prove how many tickets we sell. The fact is we have no proof of how many fans we took to Memphis last year since some, if not many, opted to buy straight from the Liberty Bowl and therefore didn't get "credited" in our total. Buying from us also puts one among the excitement of fellow Vanderbilt fans. We expect to have a tremendous migration of Vanderbilt football fans to our game.

Stocking Stuffer: Relive the excitement from a sold out Vanderbilt Stadium with a special DVD of the Commodores' football win over Tennessee. Anchor Down with this limited edition DVD showing the entire game with Joe Fisher's stirring call along with bonus footage of the postgame celebration.  The DVD will ship in early December, sold exclusively online at this site and Vanderbilt Barnes & Noble Bookstore. $29.95/each.

If you have not visited our Bowl Central site, stop reading and take a look at one of the best in college football. Some of Vanderbilt's best talent including several from our own shop helped create this masterpiece, which even the Gator Bowl publicly commented upon earlier this week. Use this place to keep abreast of breaking news, ticket information and the bowl schedule of events.

Jeffery Taylor is being mentioned by some pundits as the steal of the last NBA Draft. He has started all but one game for Charlotte and while he gets assigned to the opponent's top threat, he is also shooting well.



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